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  1. #160891545 timepoints +-5 sec 4:00 8:30 13:20 15:20 16:45 (and some more) I died alot this time, seems charges are not added when bramble is dead. 24 kills + 78 assists = 102 total, got only 86 stacks.
  2. It states it's 1 charge per kill or assist, So it should be #charges = #kills + #assists, but i've seen the actual number is almost always lower than that. attached a screenshot where kills and assists sum up to 60, but it's got only 51 charges on it. I assume the mechanic is more complex, like bramble needs to be still alive to make it count or needs some proximity like with dev's passive. Still, mechanic does not work as described so I post is as bug.
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