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  1. Хуинглишь. Are you familiar with Google Translate? Or do you live in the Stone Age?
  2. Большинство моих репортов даже не рассматривается, то есть, делаю репорт, а ответа на него нет ни положительного ни отрицательного. И только в 1-2 случаях из 10 приходит ответ, и в большинстве случаев "ваш репорт отклонен". Без объяснения причин, похуй, нет и всё. Только в 1 случае из 100 появляется зеленый палец вверх. и я не преувеличиваю. Это заебало. Вот последняя ситуация: Попадается на мид смурф с кд 0,7 и вин рейтом 20%. То есть первые 4 игры он сливает в кашу, по 20 смертей и 1-2 убийства. А получив нужный ему 1200 ранг начинает ебашить и вытворять такие мувы, которые и не каждый б
  3. Что-то тут доказывать не вижу никакого смысла. Продолжайте дальше игнорировать и банить игроков, которые играют, а не манипулируют статистикой. А тех кто сливает игры оставляйте безнаказанными. Я хотел увидеть как тут все устроено. Теперь вижу.
  4. I would not be surprised if this post is also closed or deleted! This is just a disgusting attitude! I don't want to have any more correspondence with the administration here! Because there is chaos here!
  5. All because the administration absolutely does not give a fuck about the players on the forum visitors and the problems that players face on a daily basis! And instead of solving problems, all you do is close posts and delete posts. You haven't solved a single problem. Players leave the game because YOU don't solve problems! On what basis I was banned until now, no one has answered me! You are not a respected administration. You're just shit!
  6. Unfortunately, in the post that I indicated above, the highly respected admins deleted my message, and closed the topic, without the ability to write in it. So I open a new topic for discussion. Please contact the admins immediately, DO NOT DELETE MY POST! Instead of banning the Smurf, who deliberately lost the first 3 matches to manipulate the statistics and play on the rating below his own, the admins banned me for 3 weeks! Is this how you fight Smurfs? You just throw a ban to the player who wrote about this problem? This Smurf continues to spoil the games of other p
  7. In this post, I appeal to the administration and players of the "silver" rank. I've met Smurfs who intentionally lose qualifying matches many times, and I've sent reports, but they haven't been banned once. So I have to write about our common problem here. Have you ever had such a thing that on the rating of 1500 mmr, a new account comes to your team, on which 4 games lost in a row, he chooses a hero to steal gold, goes to the mid with you, although you occupied it, and frankly merges the game to you? Was there such a thing? Of course it was. Just like I have today. A player with the
  8. I express my gratitude in my appeal and removal of the ban. As a result of constructive negotiations, the administrator removed the ban on my account, so I appeal to the players of hon: Play honestly and respect each other, because there are not so many of us! And if you are unfairly written report, do not be afraid to defend your opinion, if the truth is on your side!
  9. The administration of the hon one always objectively considers the appeal and always appoints a fair punishment. So just be polite to the players or don't communicate at all. No one forces you to listen to someone in the game. To do this, you can either restrict the player's voice, or add it to the blacklist altogether and continue playing.
  10. I write to the forum for the first time, and only because I was faced with a blatant injustice. My gaming account is "Nghatesar". In the match id ------, I played for Forsaken Archer and won the game with a score of 7/1/6. I started the game from the midlane and had an active style of play ( I moved along the lines, killed enemy heroes, killed the ancient stacks, which I did myself). Accordig to results of the match: - I dealt maximum damage to enemy buildings; - I made the maximum sequence of kills; - I participated in the most number of battles among all the players of the mat
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