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  1. And that we have no other good companies besides Garena? HON is an iceberg. There is still a huge potential in this game to confront such giants as DOTA and LOL. We need a new owner, a new strategy for the development of the game. Not closure...

    Save HoN

    Exactly. These are all management mistakes. And we must insist that such a legend as HON has not died, but has been resurrected. We need to change the management and put the game in the right hands. Even in this state, our game is a great startup for a great future. I played DOTA2 and LOL and I didn't like it. HON is really strong and is still a delicious part of the pie. It's just necessary that the game finds new owners and starts playing again.
  3. Can you not touch our favorite game? so that we can just play quietly. We're already outnumbered, and you're creating more and more problems from patch to patch. And the players lose interest and hope. Let us enjoy at least what's left of the once-coolest game. A strong request from the entire gaming community, when the game is running normally, do not touch it.
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