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  1. 100% support this (glad to see -sd on mid wars) every single game people try hard with the same heroes like magmus, rally,... it's so boring, it feels like we play with/against a group of 15 different heroes in total... and the rest gets forgotten or if you pick it, people already rage at picking phase.. this kills the fun for me I wouldnt mind longer queues too
  2. Most of the players that quits they either join a new game right away or change account to join another match. Wouldn't be possible to detect that? (so ppl that DCs wouldn't get punished)
  3. Agreed. Legendary players just leaving the game cuz they lose almost no mmr happens A LOT, sadly. They should be punished somehow(even when its rmked)... Otherwise it will stay this clownfiesta and not being enjoyable for diamond/gold players.
  4. "Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year and stayed safe playing Hon. Would be nice to be rewarded with something. My wishlist: Chocolate Magmousse avatar. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D"
  5. amazing job regarding to music, map and interface! happy to see in-game events again too
  6. just wanted to say that this new 64bit is working like a charm also, the recent x-mas changes are just amazing! job really well done! happy to see hon in its current state!
  7. Chocolate Magmousse Purgatory God of Fortune
  8. RaiizenN

    Rage Kid Taunt

    more specifically: https://imgur.com/a/Q7EikVp
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