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  1. I don't think vault does too little damage. His DPS is fine atm. It's the way mistakes are made that make MK such a pain in the ass to play. You can double flip over objects clicking only one time. You can make mistakes by misclicking objects or units that are not desired, which could be avoided with a simple additional button. as seen in the clips Also dashing cancels TPs which is another lame mechanic but intended. [The 2nd dash specifically] the range for vault is slightly too low to meet the epicenter of the E. And very specific Buildings and objects that could ma
  2. Its less mechanical skill, and more mouse precision that i'm having problems with. I'm pretty sure I got MK down mechanically. Whenever something ends up weird because of misclicks my brain just ends up afk and confused, but I've never had good mouse precision. Having an extra button that could avoid mis clicks would be money. heres a clip https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyTrappedMilkOpieOP had I vaulted saphire we would have won that team fight most likely. another clip https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularCrispyKleeSMOrc
  3. Been playing a lot of mk lately and have a few pet peeves that make mk not reliable. One very minor change is to slightly buff vaults initial range. a minor increase of 25 or 50 would allow for mk to make more aggressive plays. Allowing him to flip over wards placed on high ground; and some buildings that are typically out of range. Also allowing for shift combos to be more reliable. Another suggestion would be to make R activatable to make flipping over objects unavailable. You could go a step further and make flipping over Heroes the only targets available in this state. MK i
  4. I don't think you understand that the enemy team is probably in the same situation as you are. If you put your self in the shoes of your enemies you might find out that your theory is flawed. If you want good picks, you have to ASK for them. If someone is blatantly ignoring you they're either really new, bad but think they're good or a smurf. You have to carry these games. Check stats of these people, see if you can opt to support them or play a snowbally hero instead of relying on them. Only higher games will you need team work If you don't make too many mistakes 1500 games are easy. Against
  5. Think about this Ceriss, who would be upset that I spammed FAGIT in the chat. Either a player whose extremely weak willed, the guy i'm mocking or his friends. I just find it highly unlikely that anyone is that hurt by the word fagit. I mean comon when I spammed it in all chat I clearly did not mean for it to be serious. I would've said something like "You guys are a bunch of faggots."
  6. I already told you I was mocking someone for calling me a faggit, I was just spamming it because I thought it was hilarious the only person who took it seriously was the guy I was shaming. If someone else in the game was offended, then I would happly accept punishment. But why would anyone else be offended, i'm mocking an idiot.
  7. dont listen to tobakaz, if u want to climb u have to ignore the dumb asses on ur team and pick heores that are going to secure u wins. Low bracket NA you can win 3v5 pretty easy. Being positive is always the answer for winning. If someone picks pred you should asume they're going short lane. Ask them; change ur pick. Grinex is an epic offlane hero right now you can win games easy with. Rhapsody is an amazing support even when supporting bads. Solstice can carry from the jungle also. A lot of hon players are really exhausted with all the bull shit so they care a lot less. Its not be
  8. they banned me after a guy called me a fagit, then i mocked him for it. they banned me because i called out my team mates for shitty plays. HoNestly fuck the RAP system verbal abuse category. Its bull shit. I've grieved like 20 games at least on this account and have NEVER been banned for that. Ban someone for something that is actually negative for the game not someone whose upset because a team mate does or says some stupid shit.
  9. +1 however not enough players to tell people they cant 4 queue or have a fair match making system in that regard. I couldn't tell you how many of my accounts go from 70% winrate to 60% because I reach diamond then go against 4-3 queuers every game. My answer over the past 3 years has been to keep my rating around 1700 then you will rarely run into this problem. Or queue EU. Regardless I think your fighting a lost cause; play another game like I have if it becomes too much.
  10. i've been a 3k hp tank before and lost more then 70% of my hp with 0 splash from pm, hes one of the 6 heroes i wish didn't exist.
  11. waiting to see how it looks, not a big fan of being able to pull the medium camp to begin with. Also the gold changes to jungling has change quite a bit.
  12. if he lands a bomb on u legit have to just run back to the base or probably die, it just lasts too long. you also say its a skill shot which is true, but it's a relatively easy skill shot to land
  13. i always thought the main problem with this spell was the 3 second stun attached to it
  14. @oliiver as im aware, hon isn't supported much anymore and has older hardware in mind. you just arent ever going to have high fps; 100-40 is what i average typically i have to restart my pc to get back to 100[1080 TI]. If your referring to ping, then what is ur ping? What servers are you playing on? type /gi and take a screen shot. Find the form on these forums for laggy servers, i'm sure the developers would appreciatee if you posted that information.
  15. I think the nerf on astro was a larger hit on carry heroes. It does not make sense for offlanes to build astro unless maybe your midas or darconis? Plated greaves has always been a lowkey op item, allot of players don't understand the power of Armor, but more recently they're picking up on it I think player have improved allot in the itemization area of HoN and even what counters what, but they can't get it in thick skulls to not screw ur team mates. Anyway, most dual lanes are going to have a guaranteed stunner or some sort of ridiculous combo. As a carry player, you can only farm s
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