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  1. I think the nerf on astro was a larger hit on carry heroes. It does not make sense for offlanes to build astro unless maybe your midas or darconis? Plated greaves has always been a lowkey op item, allot of players don't understand the power of Armor, but more recently they're picking up on it I think player have improved allot in the itemization area of HoN and even what counters what, but they can't get it in thick skulls to not screw ur team mates. Anyway, most dual lanes are going to have a guaranteed stunner or some sort of ridiculous combo. As a carry player, you can only farm sub-parly for so long. Somepoint you need to have a good steady income, if you receive ganks you don't get much from it as a carry; their is a high likely hood if someone is ganking for the carry lane that the carry lane is currently safe farm, and the preceding gank has a high chance of disrupting that safe farm even if that safe farm only results in 2 CKs per wave because they can nuke you out or w.e. That gank almost always ends up being borderline bad for you. Now their is exceptions don't get me wrong. Its just allot diffirent when an enemy has 4 minutes of creep wave gold ahead of you. You you still cannot win ur lane, because you're almost always still too weak; you now have poor lane control probably; they can pull; they are refreshed on mana/hp. Again exceptions do exist, its just much more unlikely then you'd think. The Higher you go on the ladder, the less likely you'll be put in a situation where a offlane is going to roll the enemy team. However big problems lay where skill gapes are. For instance if an enemy offlane is significantly better then your own offlane. You could be a 2 stack vs 2 stack of even skill, typical carry vs offlane, your typically going to lose. Not because your bad, but because you are going to have a very hard time coming back from a poor laning phase; whist the enemy teams carry [even if bad] has had it easy. This is 90% of HoN games in NA, again exceptions do exist. The odds just aren't even. Which leads to my point of saying off meta heroes would probably be more favorable, especially to those who are lower skilled. As it would open up the option of defeating the offlane with the only drawback of not being able to take it to 60 minutes. Not every moba has the same mindset of the typical HoN player. the "FUCK YOU, YOU LOST UR LANE THAT U CALLED AFTER I [Trollface] STOLE YOUR SAFE FARM, DIDN'T WARD, FED MY OWN LANE, FARMING WHEN I SHOULD BE AGGRESSIVE, DIDN'T CREATE SPACE, LOST YOU LANE CONTROL TEN TIMES IN AROW, GOT YOU A KILL THEN PUSHED UR LANE IN, GANKED AND FAILED HARD, RAGED WHEN YOU TOOK ONE CREEP FROM THE JUNGLE, I HAVE HIGHER KDR THEN YOU SO IMA FARM ALL GAME AS A GANKER, YOUR BR, YOUR SILVER(insert insults here LUL)" DotA 2 is just different in this aspect, as players respect each other for the most part. They respect the High Arch as well. Rank 500 players don't pick over Rank 10 players. League? Legit your forced into a role, or your banned. And all of the lanes could be balanced, (not saying they are), instantly banned for toxicity. HoN? Your the highest rated player and FORCED to first pick, FORCED to listen to idiots instant call lanes ect, get the same idiots 2-4 games in a row, high rated? LUL hf playing against 4 queues. Not saying I haven't done any of this. Its just a fact. Not the point of the post, just saying HoN is not the same.
  2. I like allot of these changes allot, here are my thoughts on the heroes that interest me the most or I have the most experience with. CD: A big buff towards CD carry. As eletric tide is used to box out enemy dual lanes, and clear medium/small camp very very early in the game. So the lower CD, the more spam, the more spam the more GPM. Also the attack speed increase, I absolutely HATE last hitting with cd; I hope this addresses that; where did that idea come from btw? Also I fear CD becoming a problem. Ravenor: A interesting change, not a path I would have taken. I already max out his Passive E for the farming mechanism and free damage. I'm not sure how I feel about this change with out testing it. As it appears to be more powerful for charges on R during TFs, but less effective for its primary use; farming. PuppetMaster: High base damage level 1 hits for 60-72 damage + crit. It needs a larger nerf imo but its a good start. Would also welcome him having even slower base MS like 295, as he has disables to compensate. Apex: I would've welcomed a damage nerf, or even a mobility nerf. The hero is really really powerful, I dont understand this. Arachna: Probably needs more nerfs, but again a good start. I think alls you really need to do is make the tower Agro on webed shot. So he can't tower dive as safely at level 6. Bushwack: One of my favorite heroes in HoN since WZA changed him, I welcome the jungle toxin visibility nerf I would also welcome him not being able to stack on kongor. Drunken Master: Great, he needed it. Ellonia: IMO I never play her, and am always on the receiving end of an ellonia player, glad you reduced the burst damage would also liked to see a reduction on multiple stacks of freezing, but keep it the same as it initially is, just when she has massive stacks on you does it become cancer. Ichor: Brain dead hero, anything that makes this hero either Nerfed or less brain dead is good imo. Kins: OP, good start, would be interested to have him not pick up allied creeps. Klout: what? 5 second cd reduction on his ulti? Shadowblade: I like, easy to play hero that becomes way too tanky and deals way too much damage. items Zamos/Grave: Feel like this is more of a nerf towards Roaming rather then supports but it does impact them as well. Astro: Why? because players are picking it up lol? If strength/combo meta didn't exist then carry players would not be forced into buying astrolab. Its never an item we want, but an item we need. You're making carrying become more unbearable. Leave it alone. Barrier Idol: Needs a nerf dunno how but it needs to happen. Nomes: This item needs an upgrade, please! Buffing will make it less likely to happen. Armor items: All of them need to be nerfed, all of them. Great start Hypercrown: ??? already too expensive?? Spyglass: Epic Style, I got this issue and fail to resolve it most of the time. This will remind me that I have this problem and well resolve it!
  3. Carrys have it really rough right now, the lane is almost always extremely difficult to win; if you read my bounty post I talk a bit about the reasons why strong combo lanes feel so much better then a agi/support lane. It's nearly impossible for a carry player to come back after a difficult laning phase, and with the way enemys play extremely aggressive with little drawbacks for failure is the issue at the moment imo/ AGI carrys out scale STR heroes at the end of the day, However STR heroes are more relevant quicker and typically never lose lanes because they can take risks weaker heroes cannot. EU just killed the item Astrolabe for carry heroes; meaning STR heroes still have Headdress, and Helm of the Black Legion. Items which both provide tons of laning sustain. by ur post I can tell that you are more referring towards combo heroes, magmus kins etc. and the truth is, they can die 4-5 times in lane and still have a very large impact. Becuase LUL my hero stuns for 2.5 seconds. Suggestions for carry players is to pick STR heroes such as, hammerstorm, Predator, Shadowblade, Oogie, even off meta heroes like Apex, Draconis, Rally, Magmus, Flux, as the carry hero specially if you have a strong offlane and are against a strong offlane. As this ensures you'll have an much easier time, and can build HP items with out strong regrets later in the game. If you have a team with 5 stun lock heroes then certain carrys if it reaches that point won't even have a chance to get close and items like Mock, make every hero in the game a carry hero. Don't get me wrong though; if you can play an AGI carry you should definitely be playing that instead. Depends on how much better you are then your opponents or if you have a strong strategy. TBH I hate that thought. And this is the issue with 212; and the current system that supports it.
  4. As someone who plays allot of ravenor he has a couple issues. Firstly, he must land his Q ability to do anything; it's slow moving high CD, and an absolute. You can't just buff his Q because if you do, you run the risk of him being OP again. Secondly, rav must begin his control around 20 minutes in the game or you run the risk of being out carried by better heroes. You can do a shit ton of damage as Rav but most of the time other heroes can do more, and if you're missing Qs you have a very high chance of doing nothing to farmed carrys. You can still carry with rav, its just much harder then carrying with another snowball hero like oogie. Third, items, pretty much all of ravs items are going to revolve around initiation and survivablity with a random savage mace here and there. That means you have little pushing potential, which gives your enemy's time to recover from unexpected deaths. Most snowball heroes have this problem as well, its in the nature. Fourth, R charges, the only way you're killing heroes is if you got maxed out R charges, and that is how Rav snowballs this kind of falls in same category as missing Qs as landing your Qs is what will give you the most R charges. However if you don't hit an enemy hero in a time frame I think its 10 seconds? You lose your snowball. Which means even if you get a quad kill ect, its hard to push high ground mostly because your DPS is limited and you can't really dive unless you're super far ahead. What I would do, is maybe make Rav's E an activatable either as a Protective ability like a fade out and in [Magic damage immunity but cannot attack] or a boost of speed, either a dash, very short blink, followed by a short MS boost. Something that can allow Rav to make more mistakes with out heavy punishments. Its hard to say though, because once Rav is OP he's a mother fucker of an OP hero.
  5. you should also post the touhou nomad, that one is awesome and the only reason I play nomad. Already use this one too xd Do you have any other touhou character mods? I have a hard time searching because of my phone internet.
  6. magicgirlj


    And I agree ElementUser! However their are situations when all match ups are bad. Specifically when you're solo queued, its hard to communicate that to players that simply don't understand the game. Whenever I feel that it is simply impossible for me to do anything I grab a tp and go to the offlane to get farm. The problem with this lands now I require help in dealing with the enemy carry/support chances are my ofrlane is very upset with me and will almost always refuse to help instead immediately tp to the lane i just left. Is it better to do this? or stay in the lane I'm having trouble dealing with? What about when the offlane is just as bad as the shortlane? The only jungle camp you can farm is the one next to the tower, its gold yea, but in reality you need it to pull. If you have a douche jungler chances are your not going to get any jungle camps either and if hes bad at the game you're essentially playing a lost game. and if you dont have a jungler, you may end up with a couple of camps. Anyway I feel like thats off topic. The point is when you're in these kind of situations where the game is completely in the enemy teams favor it would be more relieving to know that you still have a chance when killing them. When farming is simply not an option anymore. I've already made my arguments that support this.
  7. magicgirlj


    TobakaZ I know for a fact that this is you. 100% I've seen it.
  8. magicgirlj


    okay, 4 well known players vs 4 well known players. old 1900s vs old 1900s. a game where the match isn't skewed by random silvers picking the worst heroes imaginable then forcing bad lane options and/or unnecessary feeding during laning phase. I think it's also important to note this is from the perspective of a NA solo queue player and eu does have a significantly higher skill margin/less boosted trash. I've been trying not to do this however my options are limited when you're asking about the integrity of my own skill. IvE BeeN 1900 bEfORe meAns Im STill gOod. I don't have any screen shots unfortunately, but anyone old NA can agree to this and btw; i'm disgusted for having to use that argument now. As this is more of a thread where I thought people would agree, however i'm getting feed back from people who think they're a bag of Sweets on valentines day when they beat a bunch of silvers with a cheesey combo, and not actual skill. I imagine thread aside, you're the type of person who flames Russians for no reason, cry to your friends "I got bad players on my team come 4 queue." and your shitty squad probably in agreeance go a magmus engi combo lane; kill the guy with the purple name tag whose solo and has a bad draft. You end up diving and dieing because you're playing like an animal overly aggressive. You think to your self "I actually hate this guy i'm friends with." literally 15 seconds later with little penalty your back in lane being an animal. My suggestion is, your back 30 seconds or even 40 seconds later then you would learn Hey maybe next time I wont be a fucking monkey and risk this guy out playing me so you'd instead take a safer approach to your aggression.
  9. magicgirlj


    Hey, relax I make mistakes, argue the points. Good players aren't going to let a lane get dominated unless its intended nor would a player be out of position enough to feed unnecessary kills meaning kill streaks in the early game. This is more referring towards when you're solo queueing and have to carry 4 players who are worse then the enemy but you your self are better, giving a chance for come backs when games are 15 minute cc. Im not here to argue if i'm the better player, because I have been the person to die out of position and i'm sure you have as well. Its the opportunity to be able to win when you're at a huge early deficit because the punishment for dieing as an offlaner is non existent during early game. In my other post I did declare that it would impact other excelling lanes that don't necessarily deserve a longer setback. When you play a lane like Magmus/Engi, then think you're something special when killing a 500 hp hero 3 times in 4 minutes is what i consider something special XD; but yeah you shouldn't die that much, but yeah you shouldn't be losing ur kill streak when that ahead. kind of worded wrong, but its hard to explain to with out in game examples, which perhaps I should collect.
  10. magicgirlj


    I agree the bounty is not a joke currently. However when it's early game its just not enough. They need to have increased respawn timers at least. Maybe another solution would be more fitting, i'm just suggesting that something be changed with the way early game kills work, to increase recovery from a failing lane or failing game.
  11. magicgirlj


    I cant Private message people, so i'm going to try to explain this better for you all. killing a high priority hero rewards little reward specifically during the early game. That hero is back in lane completely refreshed 15 seconds later. In the perspective as a carry, if you recieve ganks from your team mates result in little to no gain. Thus the same problem persists, your immediately boxed back out and probably lost lane control due to the gank. In order for the previous gank to be successful you have to have more then one gank or immediate kill after, and this has to result in a kill or your team is 100% wasting time while the enemy teams mid/short gets ff or sets up counter ganks. Increasing the reward for killing high priority targets would do the following. 1. Relieve stress when it's 10 minutes in and have no foreseeable way to come back. People rage at eachother GAMES OVER WE CANT EVEN JUNGLE LANE ETC ETC. 2. Promote safer game play from heroes with kill streaks, which in turn would reward HIGHER skilled/patient players. 3. Reward players for outplaying farmed heroes. 4. Promote teamwork from heroes with high net worth; vice-versa. 5. Give jungle a chance to support the losing carry lane by ganking, right now if the jungle ganks the only player that profits if it's successful is the jungler. As the lane that he ganks probably lost lane control as I said many times before. 6. Would not affect high TMM. As high TMM would never see the day where you're going to lane ur carry vs a difficult match up or be put in this situation as everyone is equally skilled. 7. UN-BOOST BOOSTED ANIMALS, medium skilled players who queue together can beat high skilled players because they can abuse the fact, there is little recovery for a bad lane. For example, if i'm pink and forced to first pick, and pick silho. Enemy team picks pris pyro dual lane. My team does not say anything, goes a jungler and dual offlane. 10 minutes in I have little farm but doing well 0-1 or something. they tower dive and I kill them both. No HP OR MANA gain little gold gain little exp and gain no time to recover. Game is still over because I cant farm my lane after that. or what if my dual lane top gets completely whacked. I'm doing great against the dual lane bot as a solo lane, I can't go help top because it does not reward me enough if I do end up killing something. __ last one was a bit of ranting, but if you can't understand how much it stings to lose to players who are worse then you because there is no way for you to recover after your team fails. Then quite frankly I don't think you're very good at this game, or the one whose in 4 queues, cancer dual queues etc.
  12. you think because you can stun with ur hero choice or burst an enemy down in 2 seconds 2 minutes in the game then not be punished when you get outplayed losing ur kill streak? You can tell that you aren't a carry player nor a player whose on the receiving end of a difficult match up. If you end up being quad laned, then ur farming hero has ff; think about it.
  13. Yes, as I said you could be ferrying regeneration all early game; that's typical for me at least. The problem persists that now you've spent all your money on regn, made the out play and gain nothing from it other then maybe a level. As I said thats just one example. You could be a dual lane vs dual lane and have the same issue. Magmus valk vs insert support insert carry. Typically speaking the support is going to die, its just the lane; and yes if a support is dieing to these types of lanes they should be punished. However if you're on carry and your support ends up sucking entirely or even vice versa and you end up snaging a kill on a streak hero, they respawn and what feels immediate; back in lane. So you've used regn spent all the kill streak gold, and are brought immediately back in the same situation. Where as it feels the enemy is not punished for dieing. With this kind of system if the enemy dies again, they wouldn't be punished nearly as hard the second time. And would give you a chance to recover the laning phase. You could go even deeper with this and use a suicide/mid/jungler player ganking the safe lane and succeeding in the hero kill, generally speaking when your lane is ganked you immediately lose lane control. This is a HUGE issue when you're behind. The sui player ends up with the kill gold etc, you've lost lane control probably if you hadn't already. And these problem heroes are immediately back in lane refreshed, now with lane control. I understand the SKILL factor in all of this. Support could pull, you could pull, but what if its warded, then u should've known and put a rev, but what if u didnt, now u lost lane control again, and need another gank because they just killed you because of how fast they respawned, even if they dont kill you or the support you still end up being completely controlled, this brings a ton of stress to the losing team. because short lane needs another gank, how are they still losing we just killed them for you! Does it not make more sense that after someone ganks a lane and is successful that, that lane should be a little easier for the received player and not the other way around? IF you don't play allot of HoN or are not a good player then I suspect that you wouldn't have a clue to know what i'm talking about but something along those lines then you could argue skill again, Then the person ganking does not then right after push the lane out! or you could've done this differently. I've played so much HoN, and would consider my self good at it; to know how to get lane control. But almost always after a gank; i'm completely fucked in lane control department and don't have enough time to get it back before the combo lane can combo again. Nor do I ever feel like I've gained anything, other then a bit of relief magmus is instead going to have a 14 minute pkey instead of 12 minute pkey.
  14. Difficult match ups You're Silho verse's a Pris and Midas lane. You die 3 times, Pris has a huge lead and has a 3 hero kill streak. Pris is now level 8 decides hes gonna tower dive a level 6 solo silho, midas left to go camp ally jungle or mid. Silho ends up killing a diving pris however is left with no health or mana. 15 seconds later pris is back in lane diving silho again; the problem? Silho has little time to recover lost hp/mana, chances are shes scared to lane because she does not know where midas could be. She may have a pushed in lane but has no hp to contest the pushed lane safely. Ontop of that she's now bought 150 gold worth of health/mana potions if not more dealing with this dual lane. The risk to the pris, is little to non. Sure silho kills him, but next time he'll just abuse the fact silho can barley afford regn to stay in lane, now lane is probably in pris's favor, meaning pris loses almost nothing. and silho gains almost nothing. it may not seem like a problem at first glace, the winning lane should have the advantage even if they make a small mistake, and die for it. the problem is there is just little to none possibility for silho to come back form that kill. The suggestion? Increase early respawn timer that decays based on GPM and Gametime. for example if you have 400 gpm 5 minutes in and you die, you die for an extra 20 seconds. you have 500 gpm in 10 minutes, you die for an extra 15 seconds. I'm not great at math but i'm sure someone can come up with a good equation. Same thing with Experience however instead, based on Hero Level so if you're level 6 and die 5 minutes in you're worth 100% more exp if you're level 10 10 minutes in you're worth 75% more exp. However with gold, i think the increase per streak should be 100 instead of 50 source https://hon.gamepedia.com/Gold so serial killer 100/ ultimate 200/ so on. This would promote not only SAFER gameplay from aggressive teams, but also reduce stress when you're at a super disadvantage early game and end up out playing a lane that should be rocking you. The problems? You're farming great, a DR comes flying in via tp; you die due to no calls. Now you're dead for an extra 20 seconds due to your GPM. You won mid hard, get ganked by roaming glacius because top sucked you're dead for 20+ seconds.
  15. i use most of kim22's avatar mods they're pretty good, i love the dampeer and rav, monkey king mods would recommend for people who arent even into the whole anime mod thing. However if u are, then the adrenaline mods are also pretty sweet (even though the attack animations/sound effects are kinda weak) and this one looks pretty cool too, i might give witch slayer a shot mid now.
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