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  1. Well its a good thing that tech companies don't use their own employee's experience as true customer experience. This is still open since my last post, so it doesn't shut down fairly soon after. https://ibb.co/KGxpC9T When I open up another instance, now I have 3 down below, and the official open few at the top. https://ibb.co/RBTKrLZ https://ibb.co/GtP25Mb So, its just a ton of resources open for what I thought was 1 open of hon.exe. These additional instances open are straining on the same resources as the main open exe.
  2. I click the top right exit hon button, asked are you sure you want to exit, my answer is exit. Version is 64bit but it happened with 32bit as well. Could be my issue, doesn't happen to any other app I have (or game).
  3. This happens every time I quit hon. I need to also end task for the executable to truly be shut down. When 2 instances are open, they are both a load on the cpu and gpu. If I open and quit and open and quit and open, I then have 3 instances. There is 1 post I can find with this question and the answer is "this is normal". This isn't normal, do you guys have a better response? Process: Open Hon.exe Play a game Quit Hon.exe Come back an hour later Open Hon.exe Play a game as half capacity (FPS is dropped by half for the entire game) Alt-tab, Task
  4. 3 failed attempts on the 32 bit client just now. Just logged back to try again and its telling me I am banned from Matchmaking for leaving a game or not connecting properly. Thankfully its timed within 10 mins or I would just not play for a week lol and I am a hard ass support. I don't even play this for myself. Was able to play a game 2 hours ago.
  5. Thank you, its easily assumed that an official download link will get you the same 64bit version and no one wants to re-do their avatar selections for the 100th time
  6. Why not just drop a link to a 32.exe file for us in your main post? You guys really lack on the user experience all around. The job usually pays quite reasonably for the attrition or retention you get (ie you spend 50k, you make 500K). Developer companies never think this way. Where can I get the x32 version?
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