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  1. Sorry, but then i prefer his current state. Changeing him to vulnerable while he is flying is to much.
  2. I agree, dr is still strong with the 1 sec cd on item use. But like someone else said, thats not the point. The point is the frustration it causes, it is the only hero in the game that has required what i would call a cheap attempt at balancing the hero. After you mentioned grimore, i tried it one game and i have to say i did not notice the difference at all. Still felt really bad. I really hope no other hero will ever see this kind of balancing.
  3. I've been playing doctor a lot recently and i have to say that the item cooldown after he ulti is beyond annoying. I understand that he needs some balance, but i would rather have him changed in another way, because it is not only annoying but it allso ruins the idea of the hero imo. 1 sec you cant react can mean a lot in a team fight, to much if you ask me. Not popping sh, not being able to use hf or kuldra can mean the death of yourself or someone else. I do not want to get into sugesting other changes about him, but i did rather hear thoughts from the community. Thanks.
  4. If anyone else should end up having this issue. Vertical sync solved it for me. Somehow the game completly screws up running at 200 fps. So it is solved for me thanks to your x64 discord.
  5. Okey, this is just pissing me off. Because to my knowledge i have not done anything to deserve this. The only reason i can think of is selling my items 3 minutes before the game ends. Sold my items, pk'ed behind the well to avoid dying any further. Banning me for 3 days for that is probaly the lowest you could ever had done. I cant see a place to contact customer support. Thank you for any answer.
  6. Hello everyone. I've had this issue for quite some time now and i hoping someone has an answer to it. So while i am playing, the game will start flashing and eventually i have to quickly hit the windows key button to minimize otherwise it seems the game will completly freeze, if i am quick enough i can go back into the game. I allways get a warning because my second monitor does it before the game itself. This only happens in hon, so i am pretty sure the problem is related to this game. Hard to describe what happens excactly, but i got the feeling it is a multi screen problem. It ha
  7. If you want magebane to be more active early on, all he really needs is a slight buff to his ulti on lvl 6. The main reason you see him not being used as much on lvl 6 is because the ulti barely does anything. But i am not personally a huge fan of magebane being viable from lvl 6 to the end. You kinda have to choose imo. Either he is a carry, or he is not.
  8. Thank you for the work guys. I hope you guys find a way to make the game availeble to other clients like mac and linux, it would defently help the growth of the game. Exciting times.
  9. I kinda enjoy the mastery system aswell. But once you reach lvl 15 on the heroes, you kinda forget about it. If it was something you could keep progressing, it would be kinda awsome.
  10. Jeraziah i am not to worried about.. He can still be countered with silence. But going back to sight on hit with bush ulti is not something i appreciate. He is very fast, is a great carry and has a low cooldown on his slow. It is just very annoying to deal with and way to powerfull imo.
  11. Could argue you should probaly not build damage on thoes heroes anyway. It is funny this has such a big debate thees days. Back in the day spellshard was considered a trash item, even when it was more powerfull. Tablet, stormspirit, hellflower, kuldra. All of thoes items are better pickups. Personally i dont like every hero has to be able to carry somehow, so yes i like the change. I want to see less heroes going for a carry build.
  12. You know for a fact? Did they post something about it? cant find anything.
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