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  1. Woops, you are right :). Just saw the in-game window mentioning it. I need to pay more attention, have you always been displaying a notice in the window there during maintenance / patches, or is that a more recent thing. Still think there needs to be a change of wording in "The version of your client is not compatible with the matchmaking server. Please update your client and try again". The problem is that people think there's something wrong with their game when they don't get the option to immediately update, they then may uninstall / re-install the game to try resolve the "non-issue",
  2. Looks like Russian to me? :D. В настоящее время они занимаются обслуживанием серверов / обновлением патчей.
  3. You guys been playing shadow wrong the whole time :). I laughed when his Str got nerfed, cos I never used his strength. I go intel carry build, with harkon. Try it, huge damage, not great on HP, but late game you have that sorted. Harkon basically doubles your dmg....if they don't have much magic armour :).
  4. They're doing server maintenance / patch.
  5. Hey ElementUser, Would it be possible to include a notification / banner informing people that HON is undergoing maintenance / update on the homepage of the website and also in the game application. It would be fantastic to know that there's something going on behind the scenes rather than dig through the forums wondering if there is something happening :). All that you are told is that you don't have a compatible version. Perhaps including an ETA of ?-? hours until you can update to the compatible version, or when approximately the maintenance will be complete, I keep logging i
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