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    there are still a few bronze players left , by leaving in ur placements u can still get to bronze. But other than through that exploit i think its not possible to get there anymore.
  2. ^ because Garena owns Heroes of Newerth reset would do the following in my Opinion : Pro + Queue times for HighTier-Players would go down for some weeks + Rewards gonna get reseted (finally some rewards, there are people with 1,5k and above mastery level and the highest reward is for lvl 100) + clean up ladder from people who dont play the game anymore + HighTier Players wouldn't leave because of +0,4 games + everyone has a "fresh start" giving incentives to play more + facing a bigger range of players and not only the same 20 - 30 Player rotation
  3. Demented Shaman + Chtuluphant is disgusting Master of Arms + Armadon - armor and slow Panda + Andromeda = more - armor more win
  4. https://trello.com/b/vOSfrxj8/hon-mods-repository - here a relatively up to date archive of mods for hon if u ask me the best ones are : Hero Panels II (shows the GPM of every teammember pretty precisely and shows skill cd in seconds from the team in pretty clear style) - just dont forget to turn off enemy score board so it doesnt overlap with the normal UI - needs xlib Unhide Vote
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