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  1. @ElementUser when will the honiversary patch come out...because honiversary was 2 days ago and still nothing
  2. Well to prevent dodging it could be made that it is safe to leave if someone disconnects in early game like until 7th or 10th minute...because in 7th or 10th minutes you rarely can predict the outcome of the match and then dodge it by leaving
  3. Hi guys...I assume that a lot of people hates this thing and agrees with me on this one. Can something be changed in scenarios where some player leaves in your team but you still lose your MMR? Because it is so frustrating that when someone leaves in like second minute and the opposing team wont pass the remake vote, you will still lose your MMR even though it was an unfair match. My suggestion is maybe that if a player leaves while remake can still be done, then the team which has a leaver wont lose the mmr if they lose or something like that. Also maybe to add "safe to leave"
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