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  1. Match ID: 162093830 Sorry about the delay!
  2. Hi there EU, As the title states, Puppet's W skill is not working on Count Dampeer skin. I used it 4 times in the game on dampeer and he just runs around not hitting any targets -- not the puppet ulti, any allies, creeps, or enemy heroes. I noticed that he didn't use spells during that time either but he was definitely able to run around. Not sure if the bug persists on other skins of dampeer or not but Count Dampeer vs Puppet Show is definitely bugged. I even verified this by carefully watching the replay. The skill was working as intended against all other heroes. Note:
  3. I have been trying to login hon for the last 2 hours or so... and it keeps saying "login failed". I have tried restarting my router multiple times and restarted my computer too. Still no luck. I am using Honx64 client and don't have 32bit client installed at the moment. Anyone else facing the same issue? Can someone help please?
  4. Hey SH0KZU, first of all Welcome BacK! Yes, there are still very cool guys playing HoN on EU servers (including myself hehe) Add me in-game: `BLooD
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