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  1. Yeah, the new battery is not that interesting, still a good item early on, but I liked it more when I could spend my minor totems on something.
  2. Is there a way to disable non-english announcers? I think it's very annoying to listen to, often they are SUPER loud, and go on forever. On top of that you don't understand anything, it's just random loud noises.
  3. Dota 2 has a nice system, maybe check that out. https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Stats#Interaction_with_Abandon
  4. Is it just me or is the new Adrenaline rework super weak? I barely have mana to cast all of my spells, and the restrain on E is too low at early levels. I feel like the mana cost should be reduced on Q and perhaps have 2 charges of rush, as it feels clunky to walk up to an opponent trying to hit them while while applying Q, and then rush into them to apply the last damage. Often I find myself using rush as a gap-closer and then it's on cooldown or I don't have mana when I need to apply the damage. Maybe i'm just stupid?
  5. How constructive... HB was never considered OP, not sure what brackets you play, but there were far better picks, and this is not only true for HB, there have been several heroes that needed tweaking to fit the current meta. To debunk your theory of HB being op, he is basically doing double the damage right now, compared to his past kit, and on top of that he actually have area of effect crowd control, besides his ultimate. In the past HB could only slow ONE target, and his 3rd spell was basically just a magic armor reduction, with spell steal. You might need to check the definition of "rem
  6. I like it when they freshen up some of the old heroes, you have to consider that many of the heroes were made during a time, where the hero pool was very limited, and ported from the old Dota. To keep up with the current meta, some of their spells would need a rework. A good example would be the old Hellbringer, he just became too outdated, and everything he could do, some other hero could do better (Rift for example). His ultimate was the only semi-viable spell left in his kit.
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