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  1. Please do! thank you very much!
  2. Well whispering helm takes +5 min to get PK and gives you many many more things that i will list below: - armor, lifesteal, hp regen - stacks that give you more and more gpm as the game goes on (you will need to give up jungle to the carry after 15'). Its ~900gold every 3min for free - x2 triple ancient stacks to min 12, in that case you out level everyone on the game and this will go on every triple stack you do.
  3. Do you know or have any guide that suggest that one is better at the other? From my experience PK farming with both comes around min 12-14 (with boots, chalice and whispering helm). I'm not sure though which one is better. W might be superior because of the burst damage you do after initiating with PK. What do you think ?
  4. Anyone else has this? After you press create, I am trying to connect to the server but i stays that way forever. Is this a bug or prophets was abandoned?
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