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  1. ElementUser created that alternate mode so what you said is pretty insulting. Him and a couple of other devs working mostly in their spare time have kept this game alive. Yes MW is imbalance. I'd love it to be balanced. They don't have time to balance it. They don't have the money to pay someone to do it. There probably isn't anyone who would a) wants to b) would be trusted and c) would be qualified to do the job professionally.
  2. You either need a team of 4 or 5 or you have to cheese some pubstomp hero or you have to play a lot of games... to climb out of any bracket. Remember, luck will dominate your games. It's only over time that it evens out (if it does).
  3. I read this and was thinking apply it to in-game items. ie the first shroud costs 3700 (or whatever it is), the next one costs 4000. This sort of mechanism is in auto-chess games like the much-missed Prophecy. Wouldn't apply to boots or wards ofc. Probably suck as a game mode.
  4. I don't think many want to see Artillery and Flint outright banned. And in Banning Pick, they're easy to counter. It's when they come up in Single Draft it's more of a problem. The only real solution is to balance MW, either via stats as before or via gold. But FB don't have resources to dedicate to this. It would be up to the community to set up a way to do it that would accurate, professional and survive people dropping out of the group etc.
  5. GMs don't get paid and spurious reports might count against you. If you're not in the habit of making spurious reports, he said it in game and there's still a record, I suspect you could PM any of them, give the game # and time and they'll enforce it.
  6. Unfortunately, this still seems to take 8 mins which means there is no effective deterrent for leaving, and the remaining 4 are penalised unduly.
  7. Not all comebacks are warranted. Previously, it was super easy for carry-based teams to defend T2 and farm kills on the winning opposition, even if they were losing eg 20-3. The only counter was to hang around the river doing nothing... in Midwars. This nerf to undue comebacks seems spot on to me. Comebacks are still possible. Would be interested in what others think.
  8. This system is a bit broken in Midwars as everyone has huge GPM. But if you could base it on net GPM, probably for Midwars only, that would be good.
  9. @ElementUserCan you confirm that 3 mins after someone is kicked, they still take most of the MMR hit?
  10. Changes are great so far. Thanks to Elementuser and the other devs. Games are shorter, averaging 18 mins here! Down from about 23 mins. Incidentally, not a single game over 42mins in my entire (accessible) game history, which is pure MW. Yes it does happen, just not very often. There's no apparent need to hold back, no undue comebacks. The death timer changes allow for some comeback potential. I'm fine with it or it could be stronger if that's what the community wants. Don't see a need for gold boost really, nor boosting T1 health. Laughed at a Chronos trying to backdoor. He got the T2 tower. Tower needs BD protection as well. I suspect it can be bumped up a lot as people complaining about long games are clearly exaggerating. Camping T1 is still a thing. Think its damage should be reduced, or it runs out of ammo as I suggested. Remaining changes I asked for are harder: Games are still lost not won @1700 and below. Putting net GPM in post-game lobby is the easiest solution and the one that keeps the mode 'competitive'. Also, whilst I think some progress has been made, heroes are still very imbalanced. This requires a player/community-based balancing team.
  11. Probably higher but it's irrelevant. Some teams play well enough to deserve a comeback but others don't. Fighting near your base gives you a huge unwarranted advantage. It's currently actually beneficial to lose T1 a lot of the time. To avoid playing to that advantage, opposing teams have had to sit around doing nothing. All that's really relevant is whether teams are penalised for attacking T2. This change is the one I'm most excited about. In addition to making games shorter, it boosts pushing heroes who are currently weak. True and that's not a bad thing. Carries are too strong in Midwars. There's little point attacking barracks as supercreeps aren't very strong vs lategame Midwars teams. I'd suggest doubling their health. I'd also request T1 & T2 receive backdoor protection. The other change that is key is dropping 4/5 concede to 15 mins from 25(?) mins. It's one I almost suggested.
  12. Incredibly likely to be at your end, either other programs using your internet or a shared internet.
  13. If you get invited to a group and they start queuing without you, but you join at the last second, it screws up the group. You don't load (the map) and they get stuck on the loading screen. I think it times out after a minute or two else you need to relog.
  14. In case you forgot, this is a reminder to revert Transmutenstein.
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