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  1. Use the ModMan from here: https://trello.com/b/vOSfrxj8/hon-mods-repository Absolutely nobody is in charge of mods so it's really a case of DIY or begging someone to implement your changes. As for DIY, there's a discord channel for modding HoN.
  2. In the other thread about anxients in Midwars, @`Everyone wrote about something I wanted to address, and it's more relevant here. Legitimate concern but I want to talk about camping, snowballing and game duration. Comeback potential is seen as a good thing because snowballing is often excessive -- but it makes games longer, whether directly, or because players won't concede because they believe there is comeback potential. Proper, balanced Midwars games last 35+ mins. I personally don't mind it, but I suspect everyone would prefer them a bit shorter. I like this idea but hero regen would be a massive nerf to harassment, Thunderbringer etc. Phys & magic armour might be doable. Also, the period between T1 going down and being able to destroy T2 and base is problematic. If the advancing team is at all aggressive, they'll often give up too many kills and let the defending team catch up. If they're not aggressive, what else is there to do? Ancients will help but it's boring. Kong is often too difficult. Winning in Midwars shouldn't involve taking the boring option. If anything, I'd be inclined to boost T1's health to keep teams fighting 5v5 at the river. But making T2 and the base easier to destroy would make games shorter and early game more important. But I do agree with discouraging camping T1 so how about reducing its damage to make diving easier? I agree with your intent here but I'm baffled as to where you want the tower to be, or how that reduces camping. Anyway we agree a lot here but what does this mean? Comeback ability should be 'nerfed' but how much? It could be nerfed a lot if teams didn't snowball excessively. This could shorten games by 8 mins or so. So if we... a) Made T2 and base easier to destroy (except by backdooring). b) Nerfed kill rewards (ideally base on GPM or KA:DR) and boosted auto gpm and creep gold... ... then games would be shorter, winning teams won't be penalised for winning and camping would be reduced. Comebacks would still be possible but less dependent on camping and carries.
  3. I'm currently on a 10 game losing streak, started since my previous comment. Happens more like every 400 matches.
  4. Developer resources are quite limited. 3v3 will never happen due to effect on queues (but there is a 3v3 map you can play in public I believe). Likewise, there's no money for marketing, nor probably permission. It doesn't stop players promoting HoN though.
  5. I must have done that eight times. Unless you're queuing with others, Midwars is mostly luck -- which side gets the feeders? Science tells us luck is straightforwards and over time it will always balance out. Until people are involved that is, and they've been arguing about that for 10+ years. https://www.parapsych.org/blogs/jmishlove/entry/1286/2019/8/the_experimental_evidence_for.aspx
  6. Neutrals are boring except when used in fights, at which point they become super interesting. And as EU says, at least two heroes revolve around them. Camping is a big problem in the mode. Neutrals currently help a bit, but each team having their own Ancients camp could make camping a lot worse. I'd say a straight-up switch from the Neutrals to Ancients, or get them to respawn as Ancients after ~6 mins.
  7. Agree AFK kick timer should be 2 minutes. You can reconnect in 20s (Ctrl-F8 "reconnect"). If internet is glitching briefly, mine takes about a minute to come back. If my PC crashes, it takes about 4 minutes (Win 7 ftl). But team can still vote to pause. Leaving should be auto, insta-kick. But it doesn't fix much. Having something like ELO for # of Leaves would work a lot better than dividing total Leaves by total games. Back when HoN had load of developers, it would have been great to be able to draft in replacement players, but that can't happen now.
  8. Different game types increase queue times significantly. Might be OK to do if hyped for one weekend.
  9. I just wasn't sure. Ticket wasn't corroborated even though I had 12 successful reports at that point. It's my last AFK one at time of writing.
  10. Armour penetration has been reduced from 65% to 60% and cost increased ~1225g. Stats have gone down and but mana regen is significantly up. Spellshards has now been turned into a mid to late game item. I read on another thread that the damage reduction is applied after Vest, Shamans et al, which would mean those latter items do almost nothing to counter it. They are effective counters to Harkons though. Made me feel like I've been playing HoN wrong all this time.
  11. @datfizh Curious if there's a quick way to produce such a list of changes for any hero?
  12. The authentication server has been playing up or is getting DDOS'd.
  13. I had the same problem. It was in my vault all along. On a related matter, the support site won't let me change my email address. It insists on confirmation from my old email address, which my old cheapskate ISP lost.
  14. I appreciate variation provided by Snotter boss but should be reverted in 2 weeks. Don't think mid-late game should be about runes. Support making Merrick's rune undeniable. I came up with a hard-to-program suggestion years ago. Towers run out of ammo. A gremlin comes out to refill them before they run out. Gremlin can be killed, creating big explosion that can kill creeps so camper teams have to defend gremlin. I find 20 bans good but would prefer balancing effort on Midwars. Ancient creeps as a straight-up replacement presumably easy to program and worth a try. Would support 7 min concede but, since it needs 5/5 votes, hardly any team concedes at 10 mins (which was my suggested reduction). BD protection exists but doesn't account for Midwars scaling, , lack of inherent vision in lanes, being about fun etc.
  15. Imagine someone suggesting an instant win item that costs 20k gold. The only way to stop the other team buying it would be if they your whole team bought another item. Really stupid idea, right? But that's more or less the gameplay equivalent of backdooring. I would allow backdooring after Transmutenstein is attacked but it is otherwise invariably an anti-climax. It also consistently triggers an argument. There already is backdoor protection but it's not as effective in Midwars as it is in Caldavar. In Midwars, carries on the losing side can beat it at 25-30 mins. There are also 1.5 lanes which aren't used much and thus you're unlikely to be spotted. Midwars is all about having thrilling teamfights. But to counter backdooring, a team must: a) remember to ward the approach lanes. b) take a boring minute to wander over to the lanes, probably missing a teamfight. c) have enough heroes carrying TP to get back in time. This all tedious and relies on multiple people getting it right. Nobody does this at 1600 unless I do it & nag them to carry TP. Backdooring also requires zero skill. I propose increasing the bonus armor on backdoor protection such that backdooring is only possible with an ultra-farmed carry (ie 35k gold farm) or a Doombringer. Attacking Transmutenstein would lower backdoor protection to its normal level for 1 minute.
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