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  1. I've posted a suggestion a couple of times where the tower runs out of ammo and goes on cooldown. The cooldown on T1 would be longer because it's further away from the barracks.
  2. This was a massive injustice. Even though Bramble got the most kills and was easily MVP, he didn't even get on the MVP board: http://prntscr.com/w0y2td
  3. I think you underestimate the egotism of the average HoN player. But fewer people care about MVP because it doesn't work very well. Most people vote for themselves and people queuing together nearly always win it, even if they lose the game. FB don't revert things that are no fun. In fact, they reverted Engi to be less fun.
  4. Initiators and support almost never get MVP, even when they're by far the best in the game. If we were doing this properly, I think you have to let the player choose from all 9 other players. This could be done in the post-game lobby -- where stats are visible. FB tried to fix MVP by stopping self-voting and keeping the vote invisible but it didn't work for some reason and they reverted it.
  5. It would also mean messing with the (private) API and potentially making HoN more prone to hacking. The biggest problem with moderation is GMs are unpaid and consequently there aren't enough of them.
  6. On the slim chance FB are looking at the algorithm... 1. An indication of where you are in the queue. Depending on time waited, the algorithm obviously gives your team a priority level in the queue and obviously expands MMR matching range* at some point. Give queuers notification of these. This is a relatively simple change. 2. Give the 'host' the ability to change options without re-queueing. Ideally, the ability to block MMR range expansion too. When we queue, we click on regions and game modes. To change these, we sometimes have to drop out of eg an 8 min queue. The main t
  7. There are a couple of different updater flaws that can cause this but it's probably a failed update. In such cases, those files get stuck in Heroes of Newerth x64/Update and the updater can't overwrite them. So delete the folder. http://prntscr.com/w00kuo
  8. Assuming it doesn't crash with a fresh startup.cfg, I'd keep the new one. You could copy & paste keybinds over as it's probably not that.
  9. I'd suggest this is a glitch in the MM algorithm or there's a point where it just throws any match together. I've seen it maybe a couple of times in 5,000 games and yes probably vs a 5q.
  10. I've been beta-testing this for a while. Apparently, there's a bug* we all missed which is freaking typical but it shouldn't affect any matches. It's way more than 64-bit. The DirectX pipeline has been optimised as well. It fixes an NVidia graphics pipeline problem so I get roughly double fps. Your boost will probably be less than that though. This was created by largely unpaid devs... with Garena actually being a roadblock rather than supporting. Major props to HyperXewl, Umbreon, ElementUser and others. * when trying to change Settings.
  11. This would be awesome. You're talking about making him an early high-risk/secondary initiator. How about his flash has a ranged 2s silence, 300 units radius? Nerf his scaling so you'd be forced to trade off carry-potential for initiation/survivability.
  12. This basically nailed it. Maps are loaded before queuing. They're not going to fiddle with that just to put Grimms back. And could you imagine the wait time once HoN has found you a game? It might be more possible to pick some peak time of the week, say Saturday evening, and have Grimms open for a couple of hours. Rotate with Devo Wars and some of the other crazy maps maybe.
  13. Backdoor armour buff is appreciated. Was going to call for it after a 25 min staffed MOA with 3 dmg items was able to BD (Midwars). Might need to go up a bit more and we definitely need it on T2. Not fussed about the AFK timer but it sometimes gives weird warning since previous patch. We really need the MMR hit to come in earlier (2 mins after kick?). Haven't noticed a difference with respawn timer changes. I don't play Caldavar so not qualified to comment on balance, but I like Bush now has sighting with SoTM. The Lode SoTM shift is one a friend and I were calling for, so that's
  14. ElementUser created that alternate mode so what you said is pretty insulting. Him and a couple of other devs working mostly in their spare time have kept this game alive. Yes MW is imbalance. I'd love it to be balanced. They don't have time to balance it. They don't have the money to pay someone to do it. There probably isn't anyone who would a) wants to b) would be trusted and c) would be qualified to do the job professionally.
  15. You either need a team of 4 or 5 or you have to cheese some pubstomp hero or you have to play a lot of games... to climb out of any bracket. Remember, luck will dominate your games. It's only over time that it evens out (if it does).
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