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  1. Russians arent the problem here, you are, since your hidden midwards mmr is low you get low mmr players to play with & against you
  2. Hey Whyzozerious, could it be possible to update the ulti effect when range its boosted with Jade Spire, doesnt seem to match it, other than that amazing job.
  3. Yeah its definitively bugged for me during night time, he slides instead of walking and attack animation is bugged aswell, tried recording but my pc is so slow it cant run 2 things at the same time, i use the 32 bit version . In practice mode works perfect tho.
  4. Okey, thx, maybe its a problem in my end il check it out, anyway awesome job with those mods.
  5. I love this mod but at night the attack and movement animations are bugged, no idea how to fix it myself. Im refering to the one in this post:
  6. How did i miss this, time to play DM even if he sucks.
  7. So to summarize its too strong if you go strg path early to avoid getting killed while swapping late to Agi?
  8. Im glad ElementUser buffed SB, but for me it wasnt about making the hero stronger, just making strength ulti viable, buffing E means buffing SB as a whole since no matter what stat you choose you always end up using ranged attack for extra dmg. Is there a particular reason why strength gets a penalty while the other 2 stats dont?
  9. Adrenaline shines when trapping enemies that are out of position or locking down teamfights when your team has the advantage, you gotta be carefull about enemies with jumps or pks since those can enter your ulti. Hes a ganker/initiator/semitank and you should build items that allow him to join the fight quick (PK, Shroud) and tanky items to survive inside, ofc there are other good items for him that dont enter those categories (mock, frostfield and others come to mind).
  10. Well i enjoyed having a tanky hero that could still do some decent dmg, its never been that much about winning for me, cuz then i would always go for Agi and sometimes Int, but going strg and being able to tank team fights felt awesome. Even with the recent buffs if i play sb i wont go for strg since it has a big penalty.
  11. Thats indeed a nice buff that will make him be able to perform much better in lane, also the stats buff giving him some better late game, my only concern now is why would any1 want to go strength path when you get a heavy penalty compared to the other 2 stats and for most of the games agility is superior since you can farm faster and kill enemies faster. That being said i may give him a go again, thx.
  12. Its not that, i just enjoyed going whatever atribute i wanted and even switching in the same game, right now it feels like only Agi is viable, its been ages since i cared about mmr. I used to enjoy for example playing the old nitro despite being one of my worst heros cuz sometimes you could make some big pro plays, or the feeling of old Moa when he had super high attack speed was amazing, the hero may be more balanced now but its a lot more boring, i would still play him even if his dmg was nerfed as long as he could still attack superfast.
  13. So true man, shadowblade was one of my favourite heros, bought almost all avatars but havent played him since he got the strength on ulti nerf cuz it just feels pretty weak now, of course i dont play it competively, but its just sad heroes i used to love get nerfed or reworked into something weak or boring. I do like the changes to adrenaline, he felt to squishy with his current ulti.
  14. Meh, i though new Grimmoire was interesting but still a niche pick up, now its back on my never to use items. Would love to see DR 0,8 perplex after ulti removed, its incredibly annoying not being able to use even dust or switch boots, nerf it somewhere else pls just dont make it frustrating to play.
  15. GiveUpBra

    CC 15

    You are wrong, when you get one of those griefers that dive alone 4 heroes and then blame you for not following up and die with them and decide to just follow you around taking as much farm and exp as they can while using their skills to cancel your tps, trap you, ks you, it doesnt matter how long the game last, you will most certainly not try to win for that guy, plus there is no reason to get higher in rank since season rewards ended a while ago.
  16. I agree, we dont have enough playerbase but at the same time these other games are healthy to the game since gives people a break from FoC, they can relax and have fun wich is good to lessen frustration and toxicity. Maybe 1 day a week they could add one featured custom map and see how it goes.
  17. Overall i like it in the sense that his skills feel unique and fun, but it has some issues: Q) The 50% extra dmg from agility doesnt make an impact big enough to consider getting agility only cuz of it, also the 0,6 cd reduction when hitting more than 1 enemy feels very situational and even then it doesnt make much of a difference unless you get all 5 enemies caught in a temp ulti or something. W) No complains on this skill E) Feels a bit akward, the fact that you need to land a hit makes it unreliable unless you use something to close the distance like PK or Shroud, using W to
  18. I feel like people is unaware of many other great custom maps like Prophets, dev wars, strikers of newerth, team deathmatch to name a few. Unfortunately the game doesnt really supported public games and now its almost impossible to gather enough players to fill those games.
  19. If you play solo q, a lot of times you will be solo in the safe lane vs 2 opponents, if you know you aint getting much farm, this item while joining the team for some fights can be a good choice
  20. Sorry pal, you are the only one here who cares so much like to reply to every1 else here about how "not dead" the game is. Cant wait to hear my you are a moron reply. Let me grab my popcorn.
  21. You are already crying and insulting, maybe for you the ping hasnt change, but there are several other regions, latins had their server removed, same for brasil, no new skins nor big patches for a while, if i must specify and exact time when it all started to go downhill it was around patch 4.0 when the game started copying lol and becoming more and more casual. Changes like removing ice prison cast on allies, making high cap skill heroes like tremble and wildsoul becoming easy and boring, i could spend an entire day listing all these changes but i have enough experience to understand you cant
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