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  1. Hes providing constructive feedback while you spam the chat with your nonsense, i remember you, you act all mighty thinking you are right and everyone else is wrong, you are the very definition of a narcissist.
  2. You only lose 2x mmr, i do the same, the only reason i dont do it more often itz cuz of the matchmaking temporary ban, but even then my rank wont go below gold IV & Silver I, in the long run it doesnt matter, for each game you lose you will get an easier one to win. Like you, i only solo q and dont play much lately. But if you are a good player you can hit diamond on your own solo q, not that it matters since there arent any rewards for ranks anymore.
  3. But at the end of the day the only reason you are playing with him is cuz you are low ranking yourself, all you have to do is focus on yourself, get better at the game and ignore the trolls and you will see less hard griefers the higher you go. I agree with you, some games you get trolled so hard and by more than one player and no matter what you do you will lose and it will be painfull, but those games arent that often and you can just leave or if you care about your kd go afk untill they kick you.
  4. Over 1000 hours, i got the same bug in one of my sub accounts, made a rap ticket.
  5. Well i had to see the entire replay to put the timestamps but it was pretty annoying, i dont think GM`s have enough time to watch a full replay.
  6. We had this troll player in our team that got mad after dying despite me as a mid player calling and pinging miss several times, after that he started buying all the wards and kept them in his stash till we lost, on top of refusing to play with the team but i cant report him cuz i cant see the stash during replay window, but you can see how he buys wards and then they dissapear while in the fountain.
  7. Ignoring players will only hurt your gameplay, what i do is ignore and unignore after game ends, this way you will be aware of the next time the guy starts trolling since the picking phase, aswell as keep an eye in case he starts calling your position or tells to the others how hes gonna gried you. Sometimes you can have a big troll that suports and plays very nicely the next game and ignoring then and calling a lane that they already did will only make the game harder from you. There should be something warning you in the picking phase "x" player is on your ignore list, dont know why its neve
  8. But im not saying we should split solo and group, just give less mmr for winning matches as premade
  9. Should be pretty simple, just reduce mmr gain while group queing, the more players together the less mmr you gain, this would stop the inflated group mmr and make mm more balanced for solo players.
  10. The most annoying thing i see as a solo q in my games is low mmr players queuing together being arrogant and thinking they know better than you and try to dictate how you, who are 150 or so mmr higher than them, should play and follow their calls, whether its diving their jungle with 0 vision or forcing a 3vs5 teamfight and they get mad when you decide not to die alongside them and start trolling or throwing the game harder than they already had with their bad calls.
  11. But there is no incentive to be high on mmr, quite the opposite, the more you lose the faster the queue times, there should be some sort of incentive for reaching and maintaining a rank, for example make it so if you reach x rank and play a minimun of x games a month you earn some nice rewards like plinko tickets or a cool tp effect, after month ends your game count resets so you cant just keep your rank without playing. This would make it so people have a reason to play better, not disconnect and be more friendly since they want to win.
  12. As the title says, staff only adds global range on pull mode (blue), i noticed after wasting my ulti several times during match id 161945485 Happens at 33:43 gametime and more times later
  13. I would love to see a new role in the game tho; support that could transition into carry or tank, something like a healer that with staff could change his skills to become more dps or tank oriented based on how much heal he did on ally heroes or something like that.
  14. Many player (mostly low mmr) have an unjustified hate towards jungle, they get mad when their salo gets a mock at min 12 or so cuz he havent been ganking (despite his 0 impact early game on ganks due to having to max e first) instead of being glad he will carry the game for them, usually they dont even play jungle.
  15. Yoy may be right but at the same time higher pick % doesnt necesarily means the hero is liked a lot, it may just mean the hero is op or stronger than the average hero or similar roles thus also picked more. For example now people is picking more Thunderbringer cuz its more "broken" than before, but in terms of gameplay experience the hero hasnt become more fun.
  16. How about implementing a player vote upon logging in, once per account & subaccounts (or ip) with a minimun of 100 or so played games so they can vote whether they like the new implementation of a hero rework (or something else), i dont see any drawbacks with this and it would make the community be able to participate more on the shape of the game. For example the New Ichor rework, hero is down to something like 41% win rate now and his usage remains almost as low as before all the changes.
  17. Thats something that shouldnt happen, group queue boosting your mmr in a fake way making you reach several ranks above of your true skill, wich is the point of this thread, in that scenario the diamonds would most certainly win if they arent trolling each other.
  18. I disagree lmao, a 5 team of randoms has almost no chance of beating a full 5 man organized queue unless the 5 q consist of only new players with no much Hon experience.
  19. How about just reducing the mmr gain based on number of players in the queue, the more players you queue with the less mmr you gain, this would somewhat balance the advantage you gain by playing with people you know and trust. I see many times players in the 1700s that play like 1550 when they arent with their group of buddies.
  20. I would like to see something like this implemented, lets be honest, playing solo its a lot harder, even 1 friend makes a huge difference wich its not fair for people that solo q. I solo q a lot but i also play with friends every now and then, playing with some1 you know you can trust allows you to play more agressive and makes sure your job doesnt go to waste like it usually happens when you are suporting a random low mmr carry with 0.7 kd and 200 gpm stats.
  21. Extra autoattack dps from Qi's passive does not take into account crit chance from skills nor dmg bonuses from some skills like Flint's ministun and ultimates like Ravenor's & Berserker wich have huge boost in dps but dmg against them is very low.
  22. But now there is no reason to push higher, in fact the more you lose the faster the queue times.
  23. It would be more work for the already few volunteers that check reports, and its very easy to spam wards even if you want to lose, all you have to do is place them in places you know your team does not need vision from at the moment, so you can grief and get away with it very easily. Also, leave the smackdowns alone, thank you very much, many times people will rage and start making bad decisions, classic insta buyback, blaming teammates, etc, so they can most certainly influence the end result of the match.
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