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  1. It would be more work for the already few volunteers that check reports, and its very easy to spam wards even if you want to lose, all you have to do is place them in places you know your team does not need vision from at the moment, so you can grief and get away with it very easily. Also, leave the smackdowns alone, thank you very much, many times people will rage and start making bad decisions, classic insta buyback, blaming teammates, etc, so they can most certainly influence the end result of the match.
  2. MVP vote will always be rigged cuz people is emotional and they rather vote for their friends or for the guy that went to help them from an unavoidable death and feed the enemy team aswell than the guy that was smart enough to understand that it was better to just leave him to die. A lot of people seem to care about the vote but if you really think about it its a completely meaningless feature. Ofc every now and then it works as intended and both teams agree on who the MVP was.
  3. Really like the skill effects, amazing.
  4. If you are a new player why on earth are you speaking about balance when you dont have a clue how the game works? This is exaclty how games get ruined when devs listen to people like you wich complain about something they dont understand deeply and just think its strong cuz they got beated by it without even trying to adapt. Right now Grimmoire its extremely expensive for what it offers.
  5. I played 10 solo midwars games across all my linked accounts and did not get the suposed 250 silver reward, is this a bug or you have to play all 10 matches in one account?
  6. My point stands, ichor has always been able to tank when attacked by multiple debuffs, and now his ulti got some healing on it, so i dont see why is this relevant to anything i said before .
  7. The taunt does not finish all the sentences, sometimes gets cut in the middle. I know somebody else mentioned already but this kinda kills the whole taunt cuz u dont get to hear all the sentence nor the enemy thus nobody gets the joke.
  8. If you build some defensive items against him, some magic armor and/or Shrunken & Null, he becomes pretty useless, but if you ignore him he can be very overwhelming vs squishy suports and full glass cannon carry players. Lets not forget he also got a significant indirect nerf with jade spire now being useless, it was one of the best items for him early to allow him to use skills from a safe distance while giving him some needed early mana regen. So he probably was already strong in low/mid mmr games but weak in high mmr, TB is very squishy and has almost no escape mechanism.
  9. You get 150 silver every 3 consecutive days you log in for a month, you also get like 500 silver for playing 10 games and 1000 if playing 20 with friends, its all there, just click on the icons and see the explanations.
  10. Well, not every1 can be pleased i guess . I would like to point out that while you may see 60% dmg reduction as broken, that is the main strong point of the hero, the rest of his kit is not as powerfull yet sinergizes well with it thus making him in my opinion quite balanced overall and i think the win rates agree with me, i would also like to point out that even if you buff the current 20% by another 10 or 20% it wont feel the same than before and may aswell keep the current new version, creating a mix between the old and the new has never done the trick, in my humble and personal opinion.
  11. I have to disagree, Ichor was not op and quite different from monarch and martyr since he had to commit deeply in order to help allies while monarch and martyr can both most of the times keep a somewhat safe distance while still providing suport, on the other hand ichor was different due to the fact that he could be a suport that could be build tanky and still do his job wich with the new current iteration doesnt seem to matter much at all. You have to also consider the fun factor, it feels amazing saving your ally from an almost certain death, even if you died while doing it, the new version
  12. ElementUser, i appreciate the effort you make by trying to keep things fresh, but you just killed Ichor and let me explain you why, is the hero still viable? Maybe, but you turned him into plain and boring and inneficient AoE pushing healer. Ichor was a very well balanced hero, who could keep your key ally alive in most scenarios by taking all the focus himself, he was already a frontline hero and a lot of times you would have to sacrifice yourself for your hard carry or key ally. The current version of 20% mitigation is not enough to make a significant impact, it doesnt help keeping your alli
  13. With the extra bans its gonna be almost impossible picking the jungle heroes, i already see Legio, Salo and Sols banned most games, also gonna miss jade spire, was one of the most fun items to build.
  14. I usually write while waiting for matches or doing other stuff that requires waiting .
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