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  1. GiveUpBra

    CC 15

    You are wrong, when you get one of those griefers that dive alone 4 heroes and then blame you for not following up and die with them and decide to just follow you around taking as much farm and exp as they can while using their skills to cancel your tps, trap you, ks you, it doesnt matter how long the game last, you will most certainly not try to win for that guy, plus there is no reason to get higher in rank since season rewards ended a while ago.
  2. I agree, we dont have enough playerbase but at the same time these other games are healthy to the game since gives people a break from FoC, they can relax and have fun wich is good to lessen frustration and toxicity. Maybe 1 day a week they could add one featured custom map and see how it goes.
  3. Overall i like it in the sense that his skills feel unique and fun, but it has some issues: Q) The 50% extra dmg from agility doesnt make an impact big enough to consider getting agility only cuz of it, also the 0,6 cd reduction when hitting more than 1 enemy feels very situational and even then it doesnt make much of a difference unless you get all 5 enemies caught in a temp ulti or something. W) No complains on this skill E) Feels a bit akward, the fact that you need to land a hit makes it unreliable unless you use something to close the distance like PK or Shroud, using W to
  4. I feel like people is unaware of many other great custom maps like Prophets, dev wars, strikers of newerth, team deathmatch to name a few. Unfortunately the game doesnt really supported public games and now its almost impossible to gather enough players to fill those games.
  5. If you play solo q, a lot of times you will be solo in the safe lane vs 2 opponents, if you know you aint getting much farm, this item while joining the team for some fights can be a good choice
  6. Sorry pal, you are the only one here who cares so much like to reply to every1 else here about how "not dead" the game is. Cant wait to hear my you are a moron reply. Let me grab my popcorn.
  7. You are already crying and insulting, maybe for you the ping hasnt change, but there are several other regions, latins had their server removed, same for brasil, no new skins nor big patches for a while, if i must specify and exact time when it all started to go downhill it was around patch 4.0 when the game started copying lol and becoming more and more casual. Changes like removing ice prison cast on allies, making high cap skill heroes like tremble and wildsoul becoming easy and boring, i could spend an entire day listing all these changes but i have enough experience to understand you cant
  8. Lmao, the game is already dead, its been dead for at least 2 years now, theres a reason why they hide player numbers, we used to have a healthy 150k+ playerbase online before all this changes, just because you can get games doesnt mean the game is in good shape, not that it matters at this point, going in a different direction would only make them lose the few players that stick thru all these changes.
  9. He speaks the truth, this game used to be hardcore & unforgiving, and that meant something, right now its just how can we make noobs feel better about themselfs when they play like crap.
  10. So you all agree that dr is even stronger than before, i would much rather have a weaker version wich seemed to be balanced enough already, than an annoying 0,8 sec delay on items wich will make many casuals realize they cant pop up items a bit too late. Poping Sh before jumping its hardly a solution, every second counts and you only have 7.
  11. Despite the patch note saying its an overall buff, the reality is that not being able to use items for 0,8 sec (more after you consider delay) after jumping does make a huge difference, not being able to use shrunken or kuldra or hellflower after its the difference between killing or be killed.
  12. I agree with you, his role aint clear, it has nothing to do with wether you can rape or not with him, hes more certainly a suport but then hes E also makes him some sort of weak yet viable semi carry. The problem is as you mention that suports need to be able to harras and that is hard to do with a melee, plus his E doesnt provide any help for the carry you would be suporting.
  13. I keep confirming rewards but no silver is added to my account
  14. I always carry dust, it only last about 2 secs, ulti lasts 5.
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