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  1. I would like an option to be able to find games quicker at your own risk even if i end up at disadvantage, cuz sometimes i just want to play and cant find games after queing 3 times for 30 min.
  2. You cant get very emotional about things spoken on an online game, that just shows you still need to grow as a person, that being said the system works fine, all my reports get handled although for verbal abuse im afraid the only thing you can do is ignore, wich is all you need really.
  3. You are trying to balance the game thru bans? how about balancing the game instead, its very annoying wanting to play a hero that gets banned half the games and before you say something like "you only pick those heroes cuz they are op", i dont, i like to have fun and pick whatever i want even if the hero has 40% win rate.
  4. Its more expensive now tho, but yeah better than nothing.
  5. Some strategies like rushing PK on Legionnare need about 12-15 min of afk farming woods, if the team cant survive that amount of time then clearly they are playing poorly, sure they could lose some towers but if you get raxed at 15 thats not entirely on your jungler and it should most certainly not be bannable if the jungler is trying to win after getting his core and start ganking.
  6. This has absolutely nothing to do with russians or player origin at all, this is a direct effect of playing at lower brackets, all i see in this thread is a bunch of kids that refuse to acknowledge their own mistakes on why they are on the bracket they are, sure there is a handicap of playing with people you cant comunicate, but the better you play and the higher you go the less of this players you will see, and everyone has them on their team so its not an excuse, if you consistently make a good impact your mmr will rise.
  7. Looks decent and with a clear distinction, +1 from me.
  8. Its not just you, i once send the real one to die cuz i though it was an ilu
  9. Il put an easy example, Bubbles or Int ganker mid, so far the only early items that you can pick that you wont have to sell late would be mark of the novice (+3 int) if you are going for a chalice wich usually its not required since you will have bottle and an intelligence hero wich will regenerate mana faster and the other choice would be +2 all stats item plus minor totem (+1 to all stats) to build later Soul Trap wich is hardly a must item. You could also go for a 200 mana battery (or whatever name it has now) wich is not good since it doesnt provide any early stats for better lasthitting.
  10. Like the tittle says, i dont know how long has this being going on since i havent been all that active in the game but currently there is very few options from early game items like minor totems and +3 stats items to transition into other items you will use later on. Is this intended?
  11. Its not that the item is weak nor useless, but it does seem there are better choices, even for heroes like panda you are probably much better with PK, Sol's Bulwark, Shrunken even when hes fully based on Physical abilities.
  12. Fair point, although you just mentioned the only 2 heroes i would consider getting shieldbreaker on besides Pesti since they both already have invi thus they can already gank pretty easily, and thats only if they go suicide lane.
  13. Or give it a couple extra lvls so it doesnt fall off late game.
  14. Thank you for the elaborated reply, im thinking that for the current meta SB is pretty useless, can only be picked early mid game, at the cost of sacrificing a slot for other items like shroud or pk that will allow for better ganking aswell, plus its very easy to get some extra armor or void for supports making SB strong point not very good.
  15. Thx for the replies, but i guess what i was really wondering is wheter shieldbreaker will do more dmg on average in certain heroes compared to riftshards cuz like you said shieldbreaker seems more like a mid-game item compared to riftshards that is more late game.
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