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  1. I always carry dust, it only last about 2 secs, ulti lasts 5.
  2. I never said it should reveal invi heroes, just provide regular vision of the target, you are also forgeting that any stun or disarm will render his entire ultimate useless, since it doesnt attack when disabled. All im asking for its to make it more viable cuz i find his ulti concept pretty cool and fun and i would love to play the hero more, but in reality i have to play it way below my real mmr to make an impact. Right now you can just use void talisman or any disable and the hero is 100% useless, Harkons Blade its not even an option since it will burn his mana super fast and hes already using a lot just for his Q.
  3. I really like the concept of the new Nitro, but it is underperforming, hes a bad ganker since his ulti at first deals very little dmg cuz low stats at lvl 6 or 7, the W pushes enemies away from nitro wich doesnt help when ganking unless you come from behind the target wich is uncommon. Q doesnt really add any significant dmg vs single target nor for farming. And yes i have won even some 4vs5 games with nitro and my overall mastery lvl is 1500+ so iam speaking from experience. These are my suggestions: Q) Needs to give an impactull bonus, right now his main use is to harras without agroeing creeps W) Fine, but it seems like you can easily miss it even at close range, probably cuz of the small starting angle of the aoe (something similar to rally ulti), it also makes you fail clicked enemies within the limits of your aoe as long as they are moving E) Same, needs a more meaningfull bonus R) Fine, needs to provide vision and could use some sort of minimun guaranteed dmg per attack in order to make it a bit more viable early to gank It also has a bad lategame in the sense that null pretty much blocks his ulti wich is the only big dmg he has, without his ulti Nitro is just a regular auto atacker carry with no dmg or atack speed bonuses, in other words, bad ganker early game, bad carry late game.
  4. A few things i would like to see change: Q skill: dont really like it, its not good for farming nor good at dealing dmg, its only alright early for extra harras and to combo with ulti on a running enemy but i feel it underperforms a lot W skill: overall fine except for the fact that it misses your stun even when you click on the enemy, and since the range is short it makes you miss a lot, its also super easy to miss at close range, its nuts E: pretty weak almost unnoticeable movement speed boost, varely enough to choose it over stats R: ulti is great and fun but it needs to give vision like Corrupted W or it is super easy to juke Overall feels the hero is very weak and mostly shines when using ult in combination with high dmg items but its very squishy and all of his skills rely on being very close to the enemy
  5. Have you tried the mod avatars? like Flash Chronos or Thor Ravenor
  6. Oh i see, thx guys, hope they fix it soon
  7. I had a lot od those 2x exp after match and a few 10xexp, now i cant find them :(
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