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  1. Yeah go for it! it's fun stuff I've got to do it when I play MW next time.
  2. Yeah Bersk, that's what I was looking for. You know if there's anywhere onine they still have talk about this or why they put it in the game at the time? Thanks all.
  3. Anyone have a link to a video or promotional thing from when HoN turned the characters 2d? I can't recall if there was a specific name for it and it's hard to google or find on youtube amidst the noise.
  4. With no new heroes coming down the pipe all we have to look forward to is them changing the hero skills and item usage. Stop complaining about it or we'll have 0 new stuff to try out.
  5. Only playing MW... Moira - brokenly strong initiator that can take all the mana from a hero like Armadon or Dr. making them useless. Just rush pk immediately (after power supply) and use illusion to avoid any personal risk when possible. I used to hate her and didn't get the hero now she's my fav. But since nobody plays her everyone complains the moment they start losing games. And sadly she's only a carry very late with early pk/staff, so if team can't fulfill other roles you still gonna lose. Ellonia - make sure you are tanky enough for any dive and you can sit around making mid range
  6. Just had my friends trying to get me to play Dota2 and their shop felt like a nightmare imho - tried to hotkey store to B button, didn't work, can't seem to hotkey the shop - no idea how to open the shop finally discovered it's the gold in your lower right - no idea what items I need or how to find em it's all a big bunch o icons - can't quick buy a part by clicking the major item - seemingly no item buy hotkeys - secret shop is needed to buy half the items you want etc etc nightmare
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