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  1. If Cthulhuphant is in fog with DoM active and triggers insanity on an enemy hero, they will have the DoM state but will be free to move around rather than be forced to attack Cthulhuphant. So in these fringe cases a hero could just get free "haste" and run away. Happened in a game, reproducible in practice mode. He probably needs to be sighted or revealed to enemies in his aura or something. I promise I'm not looking for Cthulhuphant bugs.
  2. Say less. Download EDIT2: Just changed the download because I forgot a "_" in one effect file. I was working on a few changes already but I was waiting for this patch to submit in suggestions. Included are not only visual bugfixes but some graphical updates. If some file only has an alt5 change to it is because I was making effects for that hidden alt. I think I took out all of them. EDIT1: Idk how to fix the Mastery icon mismatch thing. Oh you need a list, so what should be there is: - King and base Cthulhu no longer have Trample effects mismatched with each other. - Trample
  3. According to that thread, the fix for [King] Cthulhuphant's Trample bug at least was intended for next patch (4.9.2). Here are the bugs Cthulhuphant still has that went overlooked after I reported them: 1) King and base Cthulhuphant have opposite Trample effects. 2) Most played / Match history Cthulhuphant icon is King Cthulhuphant(alt), not base Cthulhuphant. 4.9.2 new bug (in attempt to address my prior bug report): 3) Daemon Highlord (alt6) now no longer uses "Beware my call" (currently ab4_vox) at all, and therefore does not say anything when he casts ult. (the reference in s
  4. I agree heavily on Rampage. EUser tbh I feel like this should be added now because it applies to Rampage even more than Cthulhuphant. I actually disagree about Solstice though, keep the interruption. And while I'm on the subject, I am a bit sus of Rampage's changes. You nerfed ghost marchers ms and made his E more reliant on distance traveled with 1 second additional cd. I generally trust your math/calculations, but it seems to me a bit off here at first blush? I also agree on this, mostly about the aura. I have always thought true strike aura does not suit Flint at all, themat
  5. Given that it's beachball themed, I think she's saying "floor, all open." Basically like the other side's net is open. My other guess is she's saying "score, all open", but I think the first is closer and makes more sense(?) The first word is pretty tough to judge, the "all open" part I'm more confident with.
  6. Your colored icon is definitely feels more like "HoN style" and maybe you can submit that. As for the voice lines, I personally like some bare animalistic voices/growls for at least some skins/heroes. We have an abundance of speaking/talking characters.
  7. This. I'm of the opinion that Cthulhuphant is underrated. Cthulhuphant is my 2nd most played. And for what it's worth, I think I could take him to Diamond I if I really tried(currently D3), but I don't take my ranking that serious. This hero seems pretty good to me. This phant is such a threat in lane that the enemy carry will be afraid to farm just by him standing there. That's huge. And it's not a misplaced fear either, getting hit by one trample after lvl 2+ means you probably die unless you have some sick defensive support like Martyr Accursed etc. And once a likely successful laning phase
  8. Nothing too complicated here, but Cthulhu's W should not force him to stop moving when he casts it. It should work like Torturer's Ult and Dark Lady's Q. I can't think of a benefit of having the skill halt you in place for a moment when you use it. Given that positioning is pretty important for Cthu, having him stop moving for half a second when he casts W can mess you up in certain circumstances. This would overall make him smoother to play, especially for running people down. And making it noninterrupting will also kill another bird: he will no longer have an idle animation mid-tramp
  9. The bugs I fixed are at bottom with download. I could not fix this bug below because I don't know how(though it's probably simple). So I guess this is the "official" bug that needs to be fixed: Cthulhuphant's reference icon for most played heroes is the "alt" icon, not his default one. Okay, I don't think I was clear in my last post about Cthulhu's cosmetic bugs. Hopefully I can explain better. Bug 1: Cthulhu uses the DEFAULT voice line when he uses ulti with alt 2, 3, 4, and 6(6 is special case, more later). Bug 2: For those same alts(except 6), they play t
  10. Ok sorry last bug report (if it can be called this), but shouldn't Cthulhu's skins all use their respective voices for the ultimate? (alt2,alt3,alt4,alt6)They all say "tremble and despair" in the default voice except the newish ones like HoN Tour and Plushie/Misfit Cthulhu. They all have the line, it's just used 50% of the time when they cast Obliterate on some of the older skins, instead of DoM. Default Cthulhu just omits the line in his effect for Obliterate, but other skins don't. I noticed state_self.effect basically uses alt9's sounds and then just puts in the "tremble and despair" voi
  11. As you can see HoN's favorite pimp is currently yeeting teapots in addition to pimp cups. Or more accurately, teapots that morph into his pimp cups. Probably some reference path outdated or something. I don't think enemies will respect his raw pimp hand as much if they accuse him of using some witchcraft-enchanted cup, as opposed to a good ol fashioned bezeled pimp cup. Can we get his normal drip back?
  12. - Automated Courier now plays its sounds on its own sound channel when the ability is activated. * i.e. this no longer stops other sounds that are currently playing, i.e. the Rune Announcer. I'm actually hype for this; my OCD thanks you EUser. Also good patch overall, I'm concerned with Lightbrand now going to underperform once again tho. EP nerf is justified, but I think I would have gone a bit more modest with definitely more received damage amp, and like one additional listed nerf, like cost/passive nerfs. I don't think it should be tooo bad. The buff you gave Armordillo is a buff
  13. happened to me as well recently, I have the same mouse. my mouse/HoN reprogrammed on its own. now when i reassign instead of the numbers being listed as 1-12, it says NUM1-12 in HoN. Idk, but just reassigning seems to work so far. weird
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