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  1. thanks for the memories HoN. I couldve been born at a lot of times in history..but for some reason I got to witness HoN and experience it. I know its a small niche game in this big bad world full of probably more "important" things, but it was special. It is a feat of the soul of gaming. The start of this game, I was captured by the mere magical aspects and immersed by the characters. Now I'm an adult who can step back and critique the way the character is animated and designed. I no longer see a character, I also see mechanics. I'll miss the kid that saw nothing but wonder in gaming, who knew
  2. Gimj

    Grave keeper

    Solution: - Gravekeeper E renamed to: Exhume definition: To dig out of the earth, as something, especially a dead body, which has been buried. manacost: not too much - Activate to start a channel to dig in place for a corpse. This will always grant Gravekeeper a charge(corpse) of E, and always dig up at least 0/1/1/2 corpses under him at the end of the channel time. Gravekeeper also has a ?% chance to dig up an additional 1 or 2 corpses. (When Gravekeeper throws a corpse, it is still called "Defiling Touch" debuff on the enemy)
  3. - Fixed the jarring deformed animation default Evolved Myrmidon has done for far too long. Now has the original two attack animations. - Gladiator will no longer attempt to whip structures into shape, because he literally can't. DOWNLOAD Sidenote: Seems like there were plans to have 4 attack animations for Forced Evolution? Otherwise I cannot explain the existence of those .clip files. Also if there is an easy way to fix that jarred animation I'm not the guy, so I just omitted it.
  4. It was at this moment that Flint knew, he uffed up.
  5. - Fixed a typo that prevented Songkran Grinex from showing fuller water effects on the tentacles. - Fixed Lynn X so as to not use default Grinex's voice lines, replacing them with hers where needed. DOWNLOAD
  6. I left it broke because I knew y'all were gonna fix it then forgot about it when I submitted my other fixes. Take this fix for the upcoming hotfix patch?
  7. This game is basically all about 2 things: 1. Obtaining resources (gold for items, EXP for level-up/abilities/stat boosts) - You can accomplish #1 by killing things (heroes, towers, creeps). - If you die, you will very negatively impact this goal! Do not ever die! 2. Controlling the map/field. - You can accomplish #2 directly by using Ward of Sight/Ward of Revelation. These directly help give you vision of areas of the map you can't see. The more you can see the more you can know. - You can also destroy enemy structures/towers to reduce their vision and base size. If a tower is destro
  8. I used to have this legit every game before new 64bit client. But yes I have got it lately a few times. Very annoying. I just hope it won't happen most the time(it usually doesn't).
  9. In the HoN Client, press Ctrl+F8 to open the console and type in the following commands & then press Enter after each one: SetSave "ui_showQuickStart" "true" ^This will make a button appear that you can click to start a practice game. Click that. Once you're in the practice game you will have a ui "Test+++" on the left. Open that by clicking(if it isn't already) and click the Entity Spawner button. Then once that window pops up, on the bottom make sure "Spawn All Alts" is checked. Then search for your desired hero and spawn it. All alts will spawn for the selected hero. SetSav
  10. If Cthulhuphant is in fog with DoM active and triggers insanity on an enemy hero, they will have the DoM state but will be free to move around rather than be forced to attack Cthulhuphant. So in these fringe cases a hero could just get free "haste" and run away. Happened in a game, reproducible in practice mode. He probably needs to be sighted or revealed to enemies in his aura or something. I promise I'm not looking for Cthulhuphant bugs.
  11. Say less. Download EDIT2: Just changed the download because I forgot a "_" in one effect file. I was working on a few changes already but I was waiting for this patch to submit in suggestions. Included are not only visual bugfixes but some graphical updates. If some file only has an alt5 change to it is because I was making effects for that hidden alt. I think I took out all of them. EDIT1: Idk how to fix the Mastery icon mismatch thing. Oh you need a list, so what should be there is: - King and base Cthulhu no longer have Trample effects mismatched with each other. - Trample
  12. According to that thread, the fix for [King] Cthulhuphant's Trample bug at least was intended for next patch (4.9.2). Here are the bugs Cthulhuphant still has that went overlooked after I reported them: 1) King and base Cthulhuphant have opposite Trample effects. 2) Most played / Match history Cthulhuphant icon is King Cthulhuphant(alt), not base Cthulhuphant. 4.9.2 new bug (in attempt to address my prior bug report): 3) Daemon Highlord (alt6) now no longer uses "Beware my call" (currently ab4_vox) at all, and therefore does not say anything when he casts ult. (the reference in s
  13. I agree heavily on Rampage. EUser tbh I feel like this should be added now because it applies to Rampage even more than Cthulhuphant. I actually disagree about Solstice though, keep the interruption. And while I'm on the subject, I am a bit sus of Rampage's changes. You nerfed ghost marchers ms and made his E more reliant on distance traveled with 1 second additional cd. I generally trust your math/calculations, but it seems to me a bit off here at first blush? I also agree on this, mostly about the aura. I have always thought true strike aura does not suit Flint at all, themat
  14. Your colored icon is definitely feels more like "HoN style" and maybe you can submit that. As for the voice lines, I personally like some bare animalistic voices/growls for at least some skins/heroes. We have an abundance of speaking/talking characters.
  15. This. I'm of the opinion that Cthulhuphant is underrated. Cthulhuphant is my 2nd most played. And for what it's worth, I think I could take him to Diamond I if I really tried(currently D3), but I don't take my ranking that serious. This hero seems pretty good to me. This phant is such a threat in lane that the enemy carry will be afraid to farm just by him standing there. That's huge. And it's not a misplaced fear either, getting hit by one trample after lvl 2+ means you probably die unless you have some sick defensive support like Martyr Accursed etc. And once a likely successful laning phase
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