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  1. Is it just me or FrostBurn focusing on entirely the wrong thing with their RAP??? The last 10x reports I've done for people making smurf accounts (losing or quitting the first 6 games) and then going immortal in the next few games have been ignored or unsuccessful. Same with players who actively avoid working with team, like that jungle who's afk for 40 mins and then complains that the game is lost when they want to play. On the contrary, I reported someone the other day for telling me to kill myself (he annoyed me for another reason) and it was accepted and enforced on the same day.
  2. Good job team, as everyone else says - thank you for keeping the game running nicely!
  3. I tried your recommendation to re-install local game files. Uninstalled 32bit client, issue still happened on 64bit client. Then uninstalled 64bit client and installed again but the issue persists. Would appreciate a next steps suggestion.
  4. I installed HoN after a long time away a week or so ago. I'm happy to report the game is fun again (it might have been me of course that was the problem when I quit)... Anyway, I played a bot match to have a look around the jungle, all was well and then got stuck into online again. But now (I can't think of anything I've done since, other than isntalling x64 HoN) but I can't load bot matches, or replays. The loading assets this far through progress (takes literally a couple of seconds to get this far) before stopping. I've tried the repair tool which didn't do anything. I have to for
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