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  1. Hell Yeah! Only "we" as a community can actually change things, such as actively held tournaments slowly but steady growing the tournaments. The more activity the more teams will join up! For example, we could even get ESL onboard as long as the organizers applies for it would look way better to have "ESL" runned tournaments also a great tool for holding tournaments. Or considering HoNtour its a big name.
  2. ill get back to ya soon! ?
  3. i look for members to sign up for this tournament!
  4. Fairly new myself as you can see, but yeah i havent had any problems to find any games in EU. Avrg wait time are usally 2min for me
  5. Ayy, noticed that you added me i accepted! ?
  6. Have you updated your graphic card drivers lately? I had the same issue but after the update i never had any problems! If its up to date then i dont know what to do hopefully someone else got some ideas.
  7. MyMo Esports - [MyMo] I decide to form a team mostly becuase i feel like not going solo Q most of the times. Also by making a clan i can set the rules/standard within the team. Recruiting: Is there any rank req?: Id say no, everyone is going up & down. Non-tilting trashtalkers, im not going online to argue for 55mins i wanna play the game. So if you are a calm dude hola! EU-BASED. Drop by with a comment tell me what role you prefer & what lane.
  8. SH0KZU

    New Heroes

    It woulda rock my world if they actually pomped out new heroes and HoNTour coming back XD
  9. Sorry to let you down, im not a ruski. I haven't reported you & mostlikely never played with you due to the fact that i've created my account two days ago after nearly a decade off this game. However i do have alot of friends, in matter of fact my two lovely kids are the best friends besides that im happily married and fulltime working but from time to time i do gaming as well. However i find it awesome that you actually got banned, just look at the reaction just out of the tiny text i wrote ? You'd prolly a pain ingame. A note for the future, use /ic fourtimes in the chat &a
  10. I fully understand your point here, but its quiet hard cuase if they make such a thing that if a team dont lose MMR i can see alot of "dodging" matches upcoming. I however think the punishment for leavers should be highly increased that would solve it. Like temoprary bans from QUE if a player keeps doing it the increases the Q ban. Lets say if a player leaves one time, ban him for least 2 hours. If he does it again ban him for 4 hours and a third time then increases drastically.
  11. strange i haven't had the same experience, however tho. I just returned but the feeling for me is the server feels less laggy than few years ago maybe they imrpoved. But for me in the past with the lag was a factor i quitted.
  12. Your content is awsome, in matter of fact that reborn video was dragging me back to the game, thanks!
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