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  1. the game is dead in near future and u are still snitching rotfl
  2. ensid

    The Big Bang

    there is no perfect things
  3. ensid

    Thank you HoN!

    HoN had resources! But people lost their interest in the game after those crazy bad decisions like just before 4.0 hit, the game was literally unplayable, that was like I can only guess months if not more of hardwork in completely wrong direction. And because of those decisions which were made people lost interest, which means, less players, which means less money and so on and it's like an avalanche. Then you came, you did your best but the crew was cut etc. Only because of utter bad decisions the game was going down, HoN was in good position in ~2010 I believe even tho there was LoL and then
  4. ensid

    The Big Bang

    wiat what? You mean heroes like bombardier, bubbles and so on which were raping everything? I dont see anything good about that
  5. ensid

    Thank you HoN!

    HoN never listened to my ideas, thats why its dead now. Banning people for trashtalking - shot in the knee when you have that small player base. I cant even count how many times I reported players that went 1-16 etc and never got banned for feeding, but you could call someone an idiot or retard once or twice and boom 2 weeks ban and then 2 weeks mute so you cant communicate. At last I can honestly say that they got what they deserved, I even made astronomical thread HoN 5.0 how to make HoN great again, there were upgrades to all systems and parts of the game, all dimensions. The o
  6. ensid

    The Big Bang

    I dont want to be rude or mean but HoN was actually was great around 3.0 I believe. Rest of HoN history is crap, you dont see that because you only see nostalgia, the fact is that I dont know any other moba game that had so many this huge mistakes in such short time. On top of that this game would be dead few years ago if not people like me that just kept playing ONLY BECAUSE they had no time, patience, will to switch to LoL/Dota and learn everything from the start. And thats a fact. I know mana costs, cooldowns and all that stuff and I always knew it's gonna take years in other games bef
  7. hon is daed at last, it took so long, actually I thought it gonna die around 2016 year after that 2015 crap what happened to hon
  8. ensid


    lel because money? its always about money brah
  9. glad nerfed to the underground with that riftshard change
  10. my hon 5.0 thread with literally tons of ideas had some things included from your comment but few years passed and they didnt do a crap about that, thats why im saying this game is dead because it is no longer updated. Some crappy patches with little tweaks here and there are not considered as updates for me. This game is not developped since 2015 i believe so...
  11. noone would play BR anyway that mode sucks
  12. never had so many bad games in a row before. Of course sometimes you outpick and get outpicked, sometimes its being raped and you concede in 7-10min, but now out of 7 games I played 5 were done before even 8min mark and cc spam was since min 5, ridiculous
  13. cool story bro these forums are not made for such topics, go to offtopics section
  14. oh i just played kotf+zep against SR+dev+prisoner, cool game really, kotf left before game started, enemies didnt RMK and we stood in base for few minutes because they kept hooking AFK zephyr and game lasted 15minutes, cool that new balanced random, i mean its so fresh
  15. This balanced random is worts thing to happen. Heroes like zephyr and other useless on MW heroes = cc5
  16. whats refreshing in not balanced matches? I cant believe how many games are done after 5minutes, because of random.
  17. Random on MW? Are u kidding me? Damn reverse it back to SD, that balanced random on MW is worst thing happened to hon its unplayable, we at least had some control over the picks without necessity to play AP, and nmow they even ruine dthat
  18. thats so stretched. Double standards, i can be insulted but i cannot, thats how i see that, with the difference that I must pay real money to be able to
  19. you do two left clicks and u never hear or read him again, whats the problem?
  20. Im soooo anti report functions like that. First of all suspensions make players leave the game. The more people play the highest chance is they gonna pay, easy as that. I always since 2009 said that players MUST NOT be suspended EVER for chat abuse nor voice chat abuse. MOBA games tend to have trolls and there are plenty of ways for people to troll, grief and ruin games and when someone is feeding on purpose you cannot do anything about that, if someone is providing items, locations etc for enemy team you cannot do anything about that and so on. But you can easily deal with people that t
  21. Do you have my HoN 5.0 thread from previous HoN site, before the change? You got there plenty of epic changes but I guess those data are not avaiable. Thats sad, all my work including few new heroes and remakes to existing ones gone.
  22. loools that theory is so stretched. When Im getting killed, ME, personally and announcer says Welcome to Newerth MF then its directed to ME. I dont literally care what announcer or players call me because I can take all the crap on the world and dont even care, but what is making me mad is the fact that players insulting are getting suspended while things in game insulting you are avaiable for everyone and noone bats an eye.
  23. so when announcer calls me MF its cool but when i clal someone else MF i get banned? Makes sensee
  24. you get banned for calling people retards but when announcer calls you MF, or get dumpster kid, or a b!tch by devo its cool all you need to do is pay money, i hope this game die for good at last
  25. if u wish spend hundreds of dollars on the dead game then do it xD your money man
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