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  1. what happened to chi? this hero is utter trash now, 0 dmg ROFL
  2. 3/4 carries are like that ROFL tarot? oh u got crit for x thousands? cool moa? same shit dm was fine but staff never take a look at OP heroes like bubb for example or bomb with 3(?) sec stun at 1 lvl or even morem they touch average heroes all the time but never legacy heroes because "LeGaCy HeRoEs ArE dOtA hErOeS sO wE cAnT rEmAkE tHeM sO wE fUcK uP oThEr PeRfEcTlY fInE hErOeS" and this crap since 2008 or so
  3. Funniest part is that when HoN had tons of players I made my 5.0 suggestion thread in which I suggested toooooons of things to improve the gameplay and bring more players. That thread was few pages long and I spent hundreds of hours to make it happen, unfortunately it was totally ignored by frostburn studios, the only thing they implemented was blinking HoN icon on window's bar whenever you found a match while being in windows to eliminate AFK picks and AFK in general at the start of the game. I was not even mentioned in Patch Notes for that, rofl. And now they trying to make accounts legacy a
  4. How could you go on donation site that takes x% of the money thats donated? You could just pass HoNs bank number and have 100% of that money, how is that possible that you cant do a proper thing even once? XD
  5. Some ideas: Mana Combustion - This ability definitely needs to be more deadly to casters rather than low mana pool heroes. I feel like playing STR heroes with low mana pool which are very mana dependent is more frustrating than playing a caster actually, casters have great mana pool and fast mana regeneration so even if its as it is for me its too bad. I rather see something like that he burns more mana the bigger target's mana pool is, it would be based on %, which means if he attacks a great mana pool hero he will burn much more mana than if he would attack 40-50% lesser mana pool targe
  6. one of most boring hon heroes ever since beta. I agree with the post "anti mage" that cant do crap early/mid game, walking autoattacking hero. For me he could be removed entirely, I woudlnt cry at all.
  7. few of the examples look like suggestions from my 5.0 thread.
  8. I think back in the days there were much more options, you could go support, roamer, mid, off lane, carry, jungle, tri lane. TL;DR game was more friendly for solo players, I could dominate game as solo player as almost every hero that has any chances in 1v1, in same time help, gank other lanes, get weaker with every minute but still be a threat to enemy team and now that playstyle is forgotten and everygame is this shitty jungler + sui with is disgusting and it's for few years now. FoC for me is dead, I tried not long time ago play some FoC games and played like 6 games, I believe in eve
  9. I'll tell you why I basically stopped playing Hon in general, and it was not just the new map, or power creep strategy a bit before 4.0 and after. I played most of time mid lane and I think I was good at it, I could almost mid with any hero and win the lane or at least not lose it in my bracket and I was 1600-1850 (through all years). I was a big factor to the team, I ganked, helped, tp'ed when team was in need, even kept warding. I loved to play heroes like Gladiator, Gauntlet, Deadwood, Drunken Master (mostly strength heroes) and as I said most of time I won the lane and was domin
  10. Yes I know but the game is nothing right now altho we all appreciate your work. Still FoC map for me is unbelieveable disgusting and unplayable so I stick to midwars from time to time.
  11. HoN was perfectly fine and was the best balanced moba ever before 4.0. Before those Adrenalines, before those powercreeping. I played HoN so much in those days and I think it was the best times, you were 1700-1800 and you played with such players, of course sometimes it happened that you had 1700-1800 player that was 0/20 but still game was in best, healthiest state ever. So sad staff members made so many mistakes through the time so HoN is now forgotten. P2P, EA, bans for abusing glitches, bans for verbal abuse, 15 heroes avaibility with rotation, resetting stats for smurfs for free so they c
  12. That would be awesome, I can pay you 3k silver, but I doubt EU allow such trades
  13. Why I cant buy Songkran Shellshock (EN) but I can buy thai version? I need this EN avatar so badly :((( anyway to get it? I dont like thai voice version
  14. My lovely klout look how they massacred my boy ?
  15. other ppl are triggering 24/7 on all chat, myself included, i got suspended bilion times across all accounts, i was trashtalker and tryharder back in the days, tried to ignore even ally chats so i dont trigger but then communication was harm. I never liked idea of all chat. I like QoL on Kane for example, I just hate dearly abilities that have "facing cast" because hero tends to turn weird directions if u click unfortunately due to pathing.
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