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  1. Yup I know but still they are so cool, Gladiator is my all fav since I can remember
  2. I have to admit HoN has some really cool concepts of heroes, I'm not talking exactly about if they're balanced or not, just about mechanic, concept etc. What's your top list? My fav heroes in terms of concept and mechanics: 1st place: Gladiator, Qi, Warchief, Drunken Master, Pandamonium, King Klout, Devourer 2nd place: Blitz, Engineer, Bombardier, Oogie, Vindicator, Goldenveil, Myrmidon, Pebbles, Deadwood, Kraken, Kane
  3. How's that I reported a guy that was highly toxic entire game, calling out names at me, and he's not even visible in "My Reports" on HoN RAP site?
  4. I liked that april fools joke, we played MW SD mode and we had like 5 heroes to pick from because 10 heroes were banned
  5. it was disgusting to be honest
  6. very old combos (beta + early days of hon when players were shit) elec+swiftblade, pebbles + moraxus/pestilence , legio+dem shaman
  7. I created enormous HoN 5.0 topic (old forums, post is gone) with tons of cool stuff, improvements, bug fixes, ideas, remakes (abilities & heroes), new heroes, systems, everything literally, big and small things. 0 interest. Totally HoN is not worth the time, sacrifice because everything is ignored. The only thing from that post what was implemented to the game was the blinking HoN icon on taskbar when you are in windows and match is found so people do not AFK during picking phase and I wasnt even mentioned in patch notes, didnt receive any prize for that idea being implemented.
  8. this game is dead lol in terms of population and tournaments
  9. FoC is dead, its support+carry game. Gankers are dead and not worthy to pick anymore, its to oeasy to recover, miss old good times when dominating mid lane as gauntlet, deadwood made sense and you could carry the game solo by dominating enemies with high nuke hero and help out allies
  10. Stay away, FoC is literally dead, stupid map, stupid kongors, literally too many juke spots, everywhere, playing ganker is dead, its too easy to recover, 0 balanced heroes, you can play MW tho and see same heroes every game
  11. Dear Santa, any chances for Lurx Goldenveil?
  12. I liked the mod in which every player picked their hero and then all abilities were thrown into pool and randomly divided between players, I remember playing behe with 4 passive abilities
  13. Its all about heroes mostly. Why would any1 for example keep initiating against heroes like accursed / ds / pearl / ichor or any heavy healer/support? Sometimes you know your team is made of medicore damage capability and you know enemies can easily outheal that so there's almost no chance unless big chunk of luck of killing someone so why bother? Lets wait a bit, get some lvls, get some items and then try instead of mindless suiciding because it's boring. Of course early heavy magic dmg nukers 'd like to fight early on because they shine in that time but it's all about team setups, nothing el
  14. BS - dead Chi - dead FWS - dead Rampage - dead This rampage is disgusting, was so happy when he was changed and now his even worse than ever, back in the days he had that utter trash spell chains that bind that literally does 0 dmg and can be countered by everything but he could at least stun with his E and was magic immune with Q, now he has no magic immunity, he slows on E and has worst spell in entire game as ulti that does not synergize at all. Ehh
  15. Art of this game became for anime lovers. So many skins, announcer etc are little girls, now even loading screen, thats disgusting, im not interested in little girls but this game is clearly directed into anime lovers unfortunately
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