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  1. If your hero is channeling a spell and activates Plated Greaves while channeling, the channel will prematurely end. This behavior only seems to apply to Plated Greaves, typically self-activate items do not interrupt channeling spells but this item seems to be bugged.
  2. When Flux has his second ability 'Magnetic Surge' set to autocast, his autoattack "breaks" if he automatically aggros a building, gadget, or ward, or attack-moves and his attack target becomes one of those. This glitched behavior does not apply if he directly attacks said targets.
  3. Backdoor Protection being active depends on how close enemy creeps are to that building. Especially in mid wars, it is entirely possible for the Barracks to have backdoor protection while the Shrine does not.
  4. Savage Mace is equivalent to level 2 Hollowpoint Shells in terms of stun time, meaning that it also cannot stun a Berzerker with level 2/3 Carnage, or a max charges Drunken Master with Shaman's.
  5. Level 1 of Flint Beastwood's ability Hollowpoint Shells does not actually stun targets that have any form of stun reduction such as Shaman's Headdress, Berzerker's Carnage ability, etc., which means Flint cannot interrupt channeling spells or TP's in this scenario. (Even level 2/3 Hollowpoint Shells do not stun a Berzerker with a higher rank of Carnage) As you can see in the image, the Flint triggered Level 1 Hollowpoint Shells against a Devourer (with Shaman's Headdress) that was Ulting Aluna, but Devourer continues to Devour Aluna as if it didn't. Note how it says Devo was "stunned" for
  6. In patch 4.7.9, Gunblade's "Lethal Range" ability now causes attacks he makes within 200 range (that trigger his alternate attack animation) to be treated as melee attacks. This opened up a variety of new and fun item choices for the hero such as twin blades, brutalizer, cleaver, etc. However it can sometimes be a bit awkward to use some of these items in certain situations, a good example being Runed Cleaver when trying to kite neutral creeps, as you have to manually position Gunblade right in front of your attack target to take advantage of the melee-only effect of the item. My sug
  7. Especially when hitting many units such as triple stacked neutrals etc, the sound effect stacks and is very painful for anyone near to listen to.
  8. Prisoner 945 has a quick-cast function for his second ability, Shackled, on the closest enemy hero in range by activating the hotkey for his third ability, One Man Riot (E). However, this function only seems to work for the default avatar for Prisoner, none of his Alternate Avatars are able to apply Shackled via this method.
  9. I think you're giving this new Shadowblade buff way too much credit. 0.9 second stun and 20 magic damage is way too strong you say? How about Hammerstorm, 2 second aoe stun with 100 magic damage? Or Swiftblade, 375 damage Q level 1? Sir Benzington, 1.25 stun and 100 damage and travels to you Nitro, 70 Magic damage, 1 second stun, knockback, 1 second slow Honestly this just seems like a salty thread about manning up against shadowblade and dying as an offlaner or something
  10. Indeed it seems like OP created another throwaway account in order to make another, near-identical salty thread about Arachna. Surely this is breaking a couple of rules, eh?
  11. I should clarify that the SotM debuff does get applied to magic immune enemies, but it isn't damaging them while they are magic immune.
  12. Despite both being listed as "superior magic damage", Qi's second ability "A Thousand Cuts", as well as the Staff of the Master upgrade to his autoattacks, does not affect enemies with magic immunity. 32-bit Client.
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