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  1. I agree with this suggestion, at the very least it will protect new players from smurfs/high level players atleast to some level and maybe allow for a chance for comeback? because if you're getting camped in the well it means you're 99/ losing, HARD.
  2. Just like that ... i think the game would be more entertaining for us casual non-competitive players like play 3 games as support or place 20 wards etc... if anyone support this tell me below
  3. I have seen this same problem posted in the forums but with no solution i keep getting disconnected about minute 10-12 and i can not reconnect leaving me mini-banned occasionally I don't know why i get terminated instantly like this, please, help?
  4. My reion is Europe, Windows 7 sp1, x64 bit {also client} This is my console.log
  5. I also have this "No response from server" issue but it happens inside the game and i cannot reconnect back to the game... this has cost me alot of percentage of leaving please help us GM.
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