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  1. ten games!!!!!!!!!! oh god u are a super machine!!! congratz!!
  2. I think the same thing , I do not know what the purpose of this type of reward (MVP) was, as it does not have any kind of benefit in the game , I would say is a statistic that does not contribute anything and should have some kind of reward or something for which players want to have this prize... for example: each recognition and only for the player who gets the MVP have a bonus on silvers or ticket plinko for example: if you got the MVP and you have Most Smackdowns > 5 plinko ticket or 3 silver and so on for each category you have during the game (the prize written above is
  3. I think it sounds great but , creating this type of implementation already involves investing good hours of computer work and programming which translates into monetary investment, And I think Frostburn is trying to keep this to a minimum... I mean minimum investment translated at maximum profit.(It’s a personal opinion)
  4. I wanted to suggest that the sale of visual UPGRADES in the store be enabled as for example the paragon collection, punk among others because having the alternative avatar these are disabled, and really having the basic avatar without being able to have these visual enhancements or buy one of these collections without all its effects lets you like to see the complete package Besides to add that they could return the old promotions in the different collections for limited time I mean the 7 sins , A.R.M.S , URSA ETC....
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