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  1. Please add more loading screens, the last one was the top. and make the bans of each player's heroes work .... thanks who makes hone better!
  2. hello. tell me what to do if the mid lane against you is much stronger than you and you lose mid lane 0-5 what to do. and the team starts to aggro at you. just don't write don't go mid ...
  3. so. I'm playing hon and noticed a nuisance. the players are pouring. leave the game. then 1 to 2 players. either because of the connection or on purpose. And so on almost every game. and I don’t want to play these games. and I just sit in the forest and don't drain the CD. and my teammates write me a report, a report, a report. what a report for. for not balance. haha. please pay attention to this topic. don't get bans for 4 * 5, 3 * 5 games. and punish players for Livs. and once again I will tell the players not to drag 4 * 5, 3 * 5. or do fewer votes to pass in such situations ...
  4. it is very nice that you do not disregard this game. because hon is a whole generation of people who have switched from DotA 1. Thank you. We hope that 5.0 hon will be really cool, as it was with 4.0 ...........
  5. strange situation with these bans. It happens that you ban 2 heroes who are played by someone. And bang .... not one was banned. Please solve it. so that each player banned 2 heroes and they really were banned
  6. yesterday at least played devo wars. And then they forgot how it was. there was a lot of randomness in the public, because no one plays there and the level of the players was random. thanks for the fix and repair.
  7. Mashaev_ben


    do not swear at the noob game. hon is alive. and thank God they have at least begun to engage in lately. thanks who makes hon better ...
  8. Mashaev_ben

    Ursa Set

    almost a year has passed. Is it still relevant ???. works???
  9. help me please. the patch is not updated for 64 bits. stops at 25 percent. what to do??? ³² bit works ....
  10. maybe we will put the entire ursa collection on the table so that the multiplier will knock out silver ????
  11. frost wolf is a skill that is collected from sasha. I press does not work. what have you done. such an artifact was good.
  12. hello all the khonists. please tell me the collection for pebbles. I understand that the mid lane. bottle ghostmarkers portalkey. and then the problem. staff or shards. shards will add damage to the solocill, and the staff will add team potential and help lug games. and I don't want to lag behind the timing. here is the dilemma of what to collect first. and whether shards are needed, nicknames are still useless after 30 minutes. write people. your opinion. all the best.
  13. I completely agree with the author of the topic. Silver should be given more for victories. or for the constant online people.
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