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  1. If you dont go for helm, what do you then prefer to use to sustain yourself?
  2. Why wouldn't they be able to fight back when they are rooted?
  3. Work hard, make your dreams come true, do this:
  4. That statement is SO stupid that it (almost) doesn't deserve an answer. For the convenience of course. Many will 'swipe' their credit card on a donation site - none will open their net-bank and make an international wire-transer, which in some cases can be expensive for the player.
  5. Well, Maliken did start with selling soap ?
  6. Zerkul

    HoN Live

    Well i do not use HoN live or care about it. OP wants to learn - I give him an opportunity and an alternative. What are you contributing with? You are welcome ?
  7. Zerkul

    HoN Live

    I guess you could always look at the ladder, find some high MMR players and look at their recent games and download the replays?
  8. Wait for a SGM to answer. But i think it used to be like: you can record it (or report a streamer with a link i.e) to a SGM via a ticket on rap.heroesofnewerth.com and they will look into it.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, please note this day in your calendars as the day that I was in the wrong. I have edit'ed my post accordingly.
  10. Cool story bro. ? Go top https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ and see why you have been a naughty boy.
  11. It is... Aluna CN? As stated many times, it is imported from the chinese client
  12. @hegelsohn I don't know - are we? ? This in the original post made me belive we were talking about ingame. It is true however, that post-game you can usually report without problems (I havn't had any at least)
  13. Happens often when I play with friends. Some of us can report, but some can only ignore. So what ever the cause, it is still there ?
  14. The patch note is out. What do you guys think?
  15. That is one item with a flat effect. Can't really be compared to having an entire set extra of balance to do if you were to balance hereos for MW only. My money is on that it isn't going to happen.
  16. They stopped because it couldn't be done in a meaningfull way.
  17. You can try 2 things: 1) open console (ctrl+f8) and type "reconnect" 2) (if playing with a friend) find the friend in the friend list, right click and click "join game"
  18. I do have to log into every sub at the portal to see reports at least.
  19. Thanks for the answer @hegelsohn ? Makes sense
  20. I guess "top priority" is highest. But.. i have moved from "top priority" to "very high" without a single innocent in between. So I think i am missing something.
  21. Yeah that pesky 1% - gotta get rid of it ? But I belive you are correct as well. I've seen the SGM's posting others scores in public, when they are whining about "RAP not working (because I dont know the rules and make shit reports"-threads, so maybe they will just post mine to see as well ? (Dear Mr. SGM if you are reading this you can also just PM me)
  22. Thanks for the answer, it is appricited, however it doesnt really gives me any more knowledge about the questions raised. That was my wish when creating this topic ? I'm thinking the same, but was hoping prehaps a SGM could clarify it ?
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