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  1. The patch note is out. What do you guys think?
  2. That is one item with a flat effect. Can't really be compared to having an entire set extra of balance to do if you were to balance hereos for MW only. My money is on that it isn't going to happen.
  3. They stopped because it couldn't be done in a meaningfull way.
  4. You can try 2 things: 1) open console (ctrl+f8) and type "reconnect" 2) (if playing with a friend) find the friend in the friend list, right click and click "join game"
  5. I do have to log into every sub at the portal to see reports at least.
  6. Thanks for the answer @hegelsohn Makes sense
  7. I guess "top priority" is highest. But.. i have moved from "top priority" to "very high" without a single innocent in between. So I think i am missing something.
  8. Yeah that pesky 1% - gotta get rid of it But I belive you are correct as well. I've seen the SGM's posting others scores in public, when they are whining about "RAP not working (because I dont know the rules and make shit reports"-threads, so maybe they will just post mine to see as well (Dear Mr. SGM if you are reading this you can also just PM me)
  9. Thanks for the answer, it is appricited, however it doesnt really gives me any more knowledge about the questions raised. That was my wish when creating this topic I'm thinking the same, but was hoping prehaps a SGM could clarify it
  10. Hello. If you report some one, and they get a warning - how is this affecting your RAP-score? (Or what ever it is called) And if i recall, once you get above a certain threshold of correct report-%'s you can do solo reports. How is that determined? And can any one see what numbers i currently have?
  11. Zerkul

    New Forum Layout

    That is true. But it wouldn't give me the same as before. It was nice to be able to see with a glance if a staff member had replied to a thread (and thus most likely provided a solution) in ie GD. If I follow all of them, I guess i'll get notifications on every topic in every sub-forum?
  12. Zerkul

    New Forum Layout

    A suggestion for the forum (don't know is this is the right place): a way to see if a FB-staff member have replied to a thread, like on the old forum. That was nice to have
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