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  1. Depends on what role you want to play , carry ,support , offlane/ganker... U can make a pre-selection in the all pick screen , so it shows u the classes in that particular group . Have fun .
  2. Thanks for your input . And I totally agree with u. So glad to hear that u think the same of the hero , u get the concept .I tested it out yesterday , for me as a support player it was not sustainable anymore . I needed like double the mana regen items wich i surely cant afford any time soon, and it takes gold away to support my team with wards and other items . After a couple of games i basicly was forced to spent skill points in other abilities or even stats because it was not sustainable at all .
  3. Iv been point penalized for my arguements here , from you you know who . No fair treatment here .
  4. Thanks for youri input DIabetis , sounds right . Appreciated .
  5. I already knew u did . But thanks for your input Starboy , appreciated
  6. So for all these years , since her first introduction . She was a "loose canon" who needed this nerf ? Like where does this suddenly come from ? I bet if it was about legionaire , pyro or any other mainstream hero the whole forum was talking about it . Yet , when its about Circe ,no such call to arms it made . Nobody gives a crap and therefore let it slide . No hard feelings either here . I had this bottled up for a while . I know even before writing all my statements, that this was not going anywere ,such is the flow on the forum & circe . But im glad i took a stand for her , shes unqiue
  7. Yet another opinion . She is literally classified as a support . And in your second sentence you actually agree with me ,without knowing probally . Or maby the poor english made yourself a bit confused .
  8. So u hate the design ? You are awfully hard biased to your personal preferences about the hero design . Comming acros that u dont like it , since the illusion spam is her form of mana spamming spells like so many other heroes of theirs . She lacks dps and her ult is easly interupted . Deceivement tactics is how the hero rolls . You dont even support your change , on why u changed this . U did so with most overplayed heroes though . . So theres like no evidence supporting your claims , only bias . If u pull some statistics out from Circe , u will see there has been a myriad of changes (nerfs) t
  9. yes sir , i can agree on that .
  10. And ? Im not quite following your reasoning .
  11. yes sir , i can agree on that .
  12. @ElementUser Sorry to bother u again ,specially after my panic attack from last post . But Is it possoible to revert the mana cost changes on Circe? I know that i was exited first . But the uphill scaling makes it pretty impossible to keep up the mana with making the illusions . Specially as a support , were gold income is scarce , i need allot of mana regen ,early on to play the decievement/illusion game . Wich is pretty much what the hero is about . But not for me , but for Circe herself . All the latest patches have been a downstream cascade for her( not being able to attack buildings un
  13. Excuses i see it , my mistake , i havent read all the additional changes , only the original primairly posted . Thanks for letting me know .
  14. @ElementUser Why did u change the visual on Circe's illusions aswel ? I wonder how shes is gonna be the decieving hero when her illusions look like no ghosts now... Or is it something only allies withness and the illusions seem like a real hero to the enemy team ?
  15. For Circe ,The mana change is actually a good thing and not that big of a deal . Her cooldown stays the same .
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