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  1. Typp777


    I Like to max Q ignore get 1 in w 1 in e depending if your fighting heroes with escapes, than stats. I buy spellshards to fix mana issues and give you easy time farming. Than Energizer instead of Pk because I want team in ulty with me. Than just try to hit two ppl with your Q and you become a super strong hero
  2. Typp777


    I've recently Picked him up and had alot of fun. I think if he turns into an str hero it would make sense with his skill set and make adrenaline too strong. I really Like the idea of letting him scale magic damage off of Agility. I'm sure most people that has played him have seen what big Damg he can do when you can Q multiple heroes I think increasing the girth of his Q would be a small change with a big boost to his gameplay. Changing his Ulty bluffs to make him more tankie would but appreciated. I cant find a reason leveling W or E past 1st level vs additional stats maybe reduced cooldowns
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