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  1. zodiac libra and scorpion. am still waiting y.y
  2. it was sorta late game and i was inside my own base. close to level 21 when respawning takes a longer time and i needed that time alive so i could keep defending my base from the enemy. please do not allow the trolls to deny their teammates. thanks
  3. Why can you deny your own teammate even if this one has no help enabled? this pebbles was chucking me in fights, then i press the no help button, he takes advantage that i got slither poison on me and when i clearly seemed safe since im tping to base, he denies me despite having no help enabled. can u do something about it?? thanks.
  4. not only the map but the bases, now is harder to place a ward without the enemy noticing. old map was a classic that was taken away by FB just trying too hard to change what the players since beta days were ok with. and also de fog one inside their base and fountaineven to catch kills (which i have been ok with since dota 2000s)
  5. ResT


    keep it as it is. better to have a 2-1-2 lanes now. suicides are supposed to have a hard time in lane to begin with. since they sent a jungler to the other side to gank and farm .
  6. i invested a lot in this game, i left once i noticed it wouldnt make more content, but i came back during the last 2 months just to confirm that i still like it. if we could at least receive 4-6 avatars per month, id buy 100$ coin packages again. please let it happen. thank you
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