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  1. Legit this Mod is an embarrassment to HoN. Western Europe among with most of eastern Europe with a few exceptions have a basic understanding of English and how-to communicate to each other. It's not that hard to grasp how the fact that you brought the biggest illiterate non English speaking European country into the mix would obviously cause a language barrier and ruin what you in the other thread spoke so highly off. "TEAM WORK". If you watch a graph of hon's decline from FB taking over in the west until now it'd be obvious. I was 1900 FOC pre merge with Russia and faced 2k mmr R
  2. Cute and condescending. At this point I'm more here for the argument than the actual issue at hand. The fact that you reality grasp is this distorted explains a lot, if not all of your previous comment most of it. I'll correct you then reply. 1. I'll give you the definition of insecure, since you clearly missed it. "Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities or if other people really like them". - I don't give a shit if you like me or not, I don't play online video games to make friends because I have social skills. (p
  3. Let's be honest, poeple like the Lona clan in Europe have no individual skills with a few exceptions. I'm pretty sure 80% of them would be stuck at best 1850 with a little bit of luck with the teams if they chose to solo que, but they don't and that's fine, but I quit FOC to escape that level of sweatshop work as they do. I'll give you a bit of details on sweatshop players, since you clearly don't have any idea of what they do. They pick the same 10-15 heroes FB seem to never be able to balanace, even a great boost to Flint recently *slow clap*, then they sit hug some trees behind
  4. 1. I've beaten them enough. Sitting 15 minutes at tower waiting for one person to do a mistake isn't a fun game. Have had acc above 2020, so I have done the grind to become "better". 2. I have, they won't. They never solo que ever... 3. I have friends, but I play hon to wind down not play competative in a game without a real scene. 4. FB ruined the competative scene in Europe and then you say I should pay to not play a wannabe competative scene? I disagree with about 90% of their changes in the game, so paying for that would be encouraging things I dislike. 5. yes, that s
  5. Hey, so the 1950+ MW accounts are not fun. I got 4 now and I keep creating subs as I don't really want to spend money on resetting stats in midwars. There are few players at that level in Europe and I keep meeting the same 5 man que over and over, and with random players in my team it's hard winning against 5 people working together. So my suggestion is that it should be easier to reset MW stats for silver as it makes no sense for me as I don't really look to have a subscription to frostburn to only get a reset for it having to reset it monthly. Could there be something done about this? Or mak
  6. It seems like the server got frequent issues and more than weekly I experience lost games due to server crash or related issues. It seems to me like whenever there is an issue they put a bandage on it, and it only covers the issue but doesn't fix it. So is it a lack of funds or what is it? And if the last, why not just sell HoN? Is it because of the rights to the mobile game and due to the amazing investments in China?
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