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  1. I have noticed that hon.exe is signed, but hon_update.exe is not signed. This is an issue for people whose computers do not allow them to run unsigned executables, and since the version provided on the client download is not always the most up-to-date version, players can download, install and launch the game, but they cannot update it which makes it unplayable. Could we please get a signed hon_update.exe?
  2. For people who don't know about this mode, blue and pick random a hero, and everyone else in the team plays the same hero. It was really fun to decide who would go slightly support-ish, to play against 5 devourers or as 5 predators, it broke a lot of things and it was an excellent fun mode. This could be named "Captain's Choice" or something similar, where blue and pink would random a hero and still have the option to repick. At the end of the timer, everyone on that team is automatically assigned the hero their Captain (blue or pink) picked. The rest is just midwars. This old mode w
  3. silentz0r

    Mastery list

    Also when sorting items by ascending/descending order, it seems like they are getting sorted alphabetically instead of numerically: https://imgur.com/givlwpD
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