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  1. Love Orb/Grave Locket nerf. I hated how I was forced to build it every game. Love Plated Greaves nerf. Overall good patch. Excited to see how it shakes out. Thank you balance team!
  2. Love Merrick's Rune. Camping runes was important before, now it's critical. Will create a lot of action all game!
  3. Yes. Two problematic builds I found: Orb of Zamos + 2 Wards + Blight Stone is 5 gold short. Marchers + Blight Stones is 20 gold short. Second one is fixed by implementing my suggestion of reducing Marchers cost to 400g. This would enable roaming builds.
  4. In Display -> Video, when I change the aspect ratio to any value and 'Apply,' nothing happens. My aspect ratio remains my monitor's native (2560x1600 / 16:10)
  5. Blight Stones: Increase cost to 120g, give 4 charges. With free courier, making Blight Stones less granular will counter the effectiveness of constantly flying out regen. This is easy to see if Blight Stones were to cost 30g and gave one charge. This idea is already implemented in Health Potion's cooldown. Marchers: Reduce cost to 400g. As a general philosophy, items that are essential should be cheap because it accelerates gamepace. We've seen this idea manifested in DotA 2.
  6. My proposed balance changes: Veiled Rot: Reduce cost to 50g. As of now, supply exceeds demand. The item is rarely bought in the 1650 and below bracket. And when it is, it's never on cooldown. The item should be OP — it promotes aggression and increases gamepace — and that's why it has a purchase cooldown. Sacrificial Stone: Reduce recipe cost to 425g from 525g. The gold is almost always better invested in Blood Chalice or Astrolabe component. By the time those are built, the effectiveness of Power Supply's static numbers are already reduced. Amulet of Exile
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