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  1. pretty sure you could get it for a lot less than that lol
  2. Dear ElementUser, you have always used Win% as a more-or-less deciding factor for whether or not a certain hero is broken, well in this case, it's not the hero itself but a specific item/hero combination. Thunderbringer is currently sitting at 62% win and the only reason for that is the ridiculous damage Grimoire of Power allows him to put out. Now I would argue that Thunderbringer was somewhat in a decent state before the Grimoire buff, so the problem lies in the item and that's evident in the fact that there are a few more heroes like King Klout who also overperform with the item. Now, with
  3. Just checked, said he's innocent which is weird but I guess this isn't the place to discuss that. I've never had this happen to me before
  4. Pretty much title. I reported a player who was verbally abusive, a couple of days after I get 2 notifications in my messages, both about the same report , but one is a failure and the other is a success. What does that mean?
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