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  1. Hello everyone, I recently had a RAP returned as a failure in a case that seemed very clear cut for me. This has repeatedly happened in the past, but this time I decided to investigate why. Maybe my understanding is wrong, maybe a formal error, maybe wrong decision. In any case I'd like to find out. Now I am not allowed to post the match number so I'm not sure how we can discuss this case, but I will start by describing what I see in the replay. Midwars, 10 minutes in, the enemy team is 24-31 behind. The enemy Rhapsody goes behind the well / stays in the well for the remainder of the
  2. When I run it through file manager nothing happens. When I run it through bash in console it says it can't execute binary. EDIT: Oh wow. Took me like an hour to figure out that the command to run the AppImage (4th bullet) is this: ./Heroes_Of_Newerth-x86_64.AppImage --install Would be nice if you could add that to the OP for noobs like me. Anyhow. Still time wasted, as it still gives me the same error message ("...Couldn't load vid_gl2") Any ideas? I am on Ubuntu 20.04 if that matters.
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