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  1. Let's be real guys. Games like HoN, LoL, and DotA2 all stem from DotA, which means none of these games are original. Do they share similarities? Of course! Are they the same? Absolutely not. The fact that these games aren't original or that they share similarities doesn't mean they're not unique. If you play a game of DotA, then DotA2; LoL, then HoN, and continue this vice versa, you will quickly realize just how different these games are from one another. I've played them all, as have most of you, and I'm sure we can all testify to the different feel, balance, and strategies that each ga
  2. Try contacting customer support. They're the guys that can help you out.
  3. Henceforth, this post shall live on in the first page of this thread.
  4. I am pleasantly surprised to see these forums get updated. Good job to all who worked on this! As a former Forum Moderator who pushed for the Forum Rules to be updated, I'm happy to see the they are being updated.
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