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  1. Deathman25

    CC 15

    Why? It is not possible that you are always a victim.
  2. Deathman25

    CC 15

    These are explanations, but certainly not justifications. Assuming negative intent is no way to operate. One issue with this type of thinking is that it's entirely self-centered, which can result in decisions that are detrimental to others. Digressing, your post is well written .
  3. Deathman25

    CC 15

    I play this game for enjoyment as well. In my opinion, conceding is not enjoyable when there are viable paths remaining. I find it questionable that your main argument places the fault with others. There exists an ignore function if you dislike what someone is saying in HoN. You quite literally don't have to "listen to people cry for the next 40 minutes about how bad we are or that I should be doing this or that."
  4. Deathman25

    CC 15

    Ah yes, a fresh match of Forests of Caldavar. Things are about to go awry for your team, however. A mere five minutes in, your hard carry has missed more last hits than one of your teammates will tolerate. And then, in the corner of your eye you see it, that dreadful demand: "CC 15." Now, that is not the only situation that may cause someone to call for an early concede. Your support isn't warding to a teammate's liking? "CC 15." Has a battle gone awry? "CC 15." Does a teammate dislike one of his teammates? "CC 15." Did a rune get stolen? "CC 15." Is a teammate not buying traditional item
  5. The gray text at the top-left of the forums is quite difficult to read because of the gray moon behind it. Current text: I suggest replacing the text with an image. If it were changed: This was done by replacing the text "HoN Forums" in elSiteTitle with the html <img src="https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/images/logo.png" id="elSiteTitleImage"> The CSS is width: 40%, height: auto.
  6. Let's be real guys. Games like HoN, LoL, and DotA2 all stem from DotA, which means none of these games are original. Do they share similarities? Of course! Are they the same? Absolutely not. The fact that these games aren't original or that they share similarities doesn't mean they're not unique. If you play a game of DotA, then DotA2; LoL, then HoN, and continue this vice versa, you will quickly realize just how different these games are from one another. I've played them all, as have most of you, and I'm sure we can all testify to the different feel, balance, and strategies that each ga
  7. Try contacting customer support. They're the guys that can help you out.
  8. I am pleasantly surprised to see these forums get updated. Good job to all who worked on this! As a former Forum Moderator who pushed for the Forum Rules to be updated, I'm happy to see the they are being updated.
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