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  1. I think it will be good to add a remake option at the picking phase because of some scenarios I have faced a lot lattely 1- 2 or 3 people fight for lane they will grief each other and the game will be a bad experience with the rmk option they can go new game and all are happy 2- smurfs there are 2-3 man who que together with sub account to troll with like 80% winrate and 3kd its an unfair game with the new rmk option they will not play a game so they will drop smurfing 3- afk if 1 or more players random and they dont want to play they can rmk and go new game this option wi
  2. Carnelian (Behemoth) and BloodStone (tourter) are the only skins from paragon set which you can only buy with gold even ultimate skin magmus is worth and 4.5K silvers. Is there anyway this skins come out on sale with silvers as well. I dont have the behemoth from the set and I would like to have him.
  3. `Alee


    I played a game with some guys and they had cd hack and told me to buy it 50$ it was on a public game and other players were amazed and didn`t want to report so I had to create this post. Polly was spamming ult like crazy 0 cd. Game id:161804293. I know reporting here is agaist the rules but they are getting away with it
  4. In one of my subb account i have played like 10 games and the games I need to play to play normal are still the same. I was 190 games played all day and i am still 190.i dont want to spend money on resetting stats I have spend a lot and now is a rought time for me to spend money on hon.
  5. `Alee

    Mastery list

    Learn>Mastery List-when you click at mastery to sort the heroes by their mastery level the list is not accurate its still random https://imgur.com/a/WCmCMAC
  6. anyway know where can i read all hon comics in order?
  7. I will be so happy if Santa gave me the pacu devo
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