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  1. Nullstone's purpose is to cancel TB's ulti if you're farming from the other side of the map. Null isn't a direct counter to TB but it does stop him from killing you globally but that isn't the key point. Once you get a shrunken head, then it pretty much screws TB over so I don't even know why this thread is still being discussed. TB can go all these items but the fact remains that it will not stop shrunken head. And if you let a TB get that much farm, then you deserve to lose.
  2. Maybe if you weren't so narrow minded, you would see everyone else's point. Again, you linked me a video of a game where a Smurf got an annihilation in a "1500 game", which pretty much loses its merit since I could do anything in that bracket and make it look OP. So a 5200g item that boost all magic spells by 30% with a high cooldown seems strong to you? If that's the case, then Sol's bulwark/lex talionis is OP on physical damage hero for way cheaper. Obviously, anything that boost your spells is strong but it's not OP. Cool you boosted your offensive ability, now how do you shut dow
  3. Well... We don't listen to everything but we do see people's concerns Either way, this complaint lost its purpose the second he linked me a video of a 1500 game where a smurf killed an entire team while being ahead by a substantial amount (I could do this). That evidence alone isn't enough for us to nerf the item just because its niche on a hero like Thunderbringer.
  4. You're using a 1500 game to backup your argument?
  5. Your first argument is pretty flawed. Because we have items that counter this and that, we should buff grimoire to "10000000000%"? Are you reading anything you're typing? How does that solve your initial complaint? You're basically contradicting yourself by saying "30% is OP" but 10000000000% is perfectly fine? No, supports don't get the luxury of getting nullstone and shrunken head. It's not their job to carry the game. Like cactus said, punish the player who went all in on a player without defensive items? Stormspirit can help you against pyro and TB if you're a support. Plus, you
  6. Nullstone and Shrunken Head will literally counter TB and Pyro with grimoire and those two items can definitely be viable on any carry and still have room to buy carry items...
  7. Check the hero.entity file and make sure everything is correct there
  8. Sounds to me like your knowledge on the hero is based on what you see and you overlook what Monkey King really does. His spells are very high on mana and notice how Monkey King always go bottle first item? Yeah, you can't just spam his spells from levels 1-5 whenever you want. It literally cost 260 mana to use Q + W combo at level 3 and you're basically out of mana. Even at level 6, you got to be careful with how you spend your mana since an entire combo will cost you 290 mana and his mana pool isn't very high. The mana regen isn't that much early game and this only applies if Nimbus is active
  9. That is not the reason why. Please do not spread false information. The reason was because Garena requested it to be taken down. Elementuser made a post in the balance patch in regards to it. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  10. Here's my attempt. Let me know if you guys like this or not
  11. Works fine on my end, give me a video of your problem. Also, please don't post modification request in the general discussion area next time. There are sub categories for a reason
  12. As long as you didn't extract the file, you should be fine
  13. This is the wrong area to voice your concern. Contact customer support for your inquiry.
  14. Calamity was doing way too well in the comp scene. Her laning phase is almost too good with little counterplay around it. She's probably still a viable pick even with these nerfs. Bramble isn't so much of a deal, except maybe midwars but you need a lot of kills/assist in FoC for staff to be remotely good.
  15. Everything there is outdated. I wouldn't recommend downloading these. Is there any specifics that you were interested in using? I'll try to find time to upload all my DotA 2 mods.
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