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  1. Much appreciated Tsuzoi! If this works il name my firstborn after you! Edit: Yup, getting the 64bit client solved my issue with updating. Worked like a charm, should probably put that client on the HoN official homepage where returning players likely show up first to redownload the best Moba out there.
  2. Hello. So ive taken a break from the game for a few months, because some time ago i couldnt update my game - i assumed this was temporary but the problem never went away. Now my itch to play is getting ridiculous and im desperately looking to solve this issue ive got with being unable to update. I hear mention of HoN x64 and thought hey - maybe that was the issue, so i uninstalled my game for the first time since buying my PC to get a fresh installer from the heroes of newerth site - no change. I install the game, it installs the wrong version and whenever i update - it crashes.
  3. My game still crashes on update after removing startup.cfg. I havent been able to update the game in months - would REALLY love a fix right about now :p
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