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  1. The most important piece in order to get good performance in HoN is the single-core performance of your processor(CPU). You'll therefor want a modern CPU with a powerful micro-architecture, that can really push that. You can’t use clock-speed (frequency) to compare different micro-architectures, so that's irrelevant, don't get stuck on that. What's important is how much your CPU can get done per core clock-cycle. You can only compare the two when it's the same micro-architecture. (Example: Intel Core i7-11700 vs Intel Core i9-11900). Trying to compare CPU's by clock-speed (frequency) is a
  2. Disable Shadows and turn off Reflections. Those two settings hits the CPU the hardest, you should see a nice performance increase if you disable them. The Xeon E5-1650 is a server processor from 2012 and doesn't have the best single-core performance, so that's what's limiting your FPS.
  3. Mac: The unsupported Heroes of Newerth Mac client is currently 32-bit. This means if you're running a version after Mojave on your Mac system you won't be able to play, since Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications. A 64-bit version of Heroes of Newerth Mac is currently in the works to support playing on Catalina and later, but it's not here yet. If you're having trouble installing on Mojave or earlier versions of Mac, make sure you're first Allowing Third Party Applications to be installed. -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Enter PW and Unl
  4. You can currently only get the 64-bit Client from the forums, where it's pinned at the top of the General Discussion. Link: HoN (64-Bit) Client Download [OFFICIAL RELEASE]
  5. 1) We've not had an online counter for quite some time, so hard to tell. But know there are usually a couple thousand players playing (normal/peak times). You'll usually find a match within 3-4 minutes on a rating of 1500-1700 MMR. [EU] -- Unsure about other servers. 2) Just how it was in the past, mods are available. Most are however not maintained and very hit or miss if they work or not, or cause some other incompatibilities with the client. I also don't know if they work with the new Windows 64-bit client or not as I'm not on Windows. Someone else may be able to tell you. -- Mods can be
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