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  1. Started happening since the update, every other game or so will prompt me, No response from server. So I would queue up again. Now it shows I have a temp ban for leaving. It doesn't make sense... all those times are counting as leaves? Merry HONmas.
  2. Been there. Look into a cellphone- unlimited data hacked tether, or Elon Musk's Starlink internet. Otherwise download some nice singleplayer games.
  3. Huh, I just downloaded and installed the game after many years away and now I learn this 64-bit version is separately found here. Could I suggest adding the file to the main download page? http://heroesofnewerth.com/download/ If it's too early for that, perhaps a link for those that could use 64-bit. TY.
  4. Weird title? Hey guys, thinking to get back in. How are things? Hopefully all is well. I had a few questions and hoped to get some direction. Thanks in advance! 1. Any idea what the playerbase numbers are? I've witnessed a lot of changes over the years- especially the dota 2 exodus. So I was wondering what to expect these days? 2. Are mods still a thing? And where can I find them? I had installed a few years ago and one called "stump mod" comes to mind. Some ui ones were nice too. 3. Any major changes or new rules I should be aware of? 4. I've skimmed through the for
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