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  1. I actually had it twice within the last week. Whole voicechat all over the team wasnt working. Latest match id was 160569217.
  2. Okay i changed my the game overlay and its all working again. Thanks tho for ur help.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer. Unfortunately that button doesnt exist in my screen
  4. Hey, so i might just be too stupid but somehow the icons of the heroes on the top left of the ingame screen disappeared. I checked the options a couple of times but the only thing "hero icons" is enabled already. Plus i didnt change anything in the options and they just disappeared. Any suggestions how to get them back? And another thing is missing too since i started playing again (probably 1-2 months ago). Above the skills of the heroes u could always see the buffs and debuffs affecting you atm. Or that you are linked via orb for example. Thats completely gone too.
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