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  1. I like the idea of forcing people to play X games before queueing for ranked FoC, then again I still believe there should be a public matchmaking with FoC included, I can agree with the fact there probably still wouldn't be enough players, on the other hand I believe that in order to bring new players to HoN something like this has to be done because where it stands right now the game is not noob friendly at all, I'm not basing this on my sole opinion, I have gone to various HoN streams and chatted with the Streamers about this and it's something they all agreed on, the game is not easy for ne
  2. That's exactly what happens now, there are 0 public games for new players. Having a Public Matchmaking would make rounding people up for a match a lot easier because people would actually wait for a queue instead of going into a Public Room list filled with absolutely nothing. If I was new to a game I would like to be able to learn it the way it's played competitively or even at the point I am just learning a new hero I would rather do so on a Public match instead of a frantic midwars game where the only thing you really learn to do is button mashing, if you're telling me players can lea
  3. Hello there fellow Newerthian, I have created this poll because after talking with a few HoN streamers I came to realize that we all agreed on the subject that HoN has a steep learning curve pretty much like every other MOBA but HoN has no Public Matchmaking, no one actually creates public rooms anymore either which means new players are pushed into Ranked Matchmaking straight off the bat, 90% of the time the player ends up getting bashed because he's new at the game and will most likely result in the player not wanting to play anymore. I believe Public Matchmaking should be added in or
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