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  1. robinxDDD

    Plinko Xmas

    https://gyazo.com/bccdfeef6fd3fa419c14be3e43389d97 NP
  2. robinxDDD

    Plinko Xmas

    why u dont read patch notes before u make topic? thank you
  3. yeah just mmr should be fine,no need to see kd etc just mmr
  4. i know tagging is working by foc how they are played there
  5. Only problem in balanced random is tag of heroes cuz that is not balanced u have SR tagged in hero list as carry and hes support in mw same thing is with ra tagged as carry
  6. first my english suck Suggestion what i would like from u guys to implement in shop is for stuff from collection namecolors annoucers is like after u own skin from "paragon collection" is little green tick near near skin name so u know what do u own and u can se easier what is missing for u not type names of skin then checking etc what is taking so much time example https://gyazo.com/5a066f5bbf40676d875006f845724cc4
  7. Honestly i never seen someone pick pharaon in 2k games
  8. bring back hontour or make something new like that so ppl have reason to play and improve their skill
  9. robinxDDD


    for like 50$ dollars u can buy full ursa set and with annoucers + namecolor for free and u still have gold to get some cool skins from collection plinko is gambling
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