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  1. The account I tried to create is for my brother so we can play togather, we live under the same roof.. How can I do that ?
  2. Hello, I have posted this on the general discussion but I had no answer so maybe I will be luckier here! Today, as yesterday, I have tried to create a new account with a fresh email adress, a correct password and a free nickname. After several attempts, i keep getting the same error: My password must have 6+ characters.. It had 8! I have tested few differents password, with uppercase, special char etc.. but none of them worked. Any suggestion/idea ? Thank you, have fun in game
  3. Good evening! I tried to create an account earlier, but it didn't work. My name was correct (i had the "correct tick" in the right corner of the input), my password contained more than 6 char, had uppercase and a special char. I have a valid mail adress not linked to any other hon account. Thanks for reading me, have a great day.
  4. Hello dear community, I would like to know why don't we have a proper banlist that works in matchmaking. I play essentialy midwars and i take this mod seriously ! Today I've played 3 games in row with a dude that was playing so bad, i wish i could have a banlist to add him in, and thus never play with him again. Thank you for reading me, and sorry for the poor english! have a good day
  5. Is SLJ announcer available for gift ?
  6. I would like to see the Samuel L Jackson announcer a available with silver coins! I want it so badly! I do have 4100 silver coins so far
  7. I wish i could have Samuel L Jackson announcer aswell, it is so dope ! You are a lucky man, enjoy ! Happy Xmas everyone
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