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  1. Ha, the direct result of donations are not the server improvements, but Brasil Region New Servers Existing servers are getting worse and worse as times goes by. My regions are set correctly, but lag increased very noticeably after New Year and I don't enjoy this laggy and slow-mo type of game. Money not spent well, unfortunately. Best regards
  2. I can't see any improvements. Only getting laggier and laggier as times goes by
  3. Hello everyone. I love HonMas Music, especially intro music when logged in game, but, unfortunately, I can't find full collection of it anywhere on internet. There are some good music on YouTube, but its from 2012-2015 and its not full collection. If someone could help to get it here it would be just great X-Mas present! I want it to be played this year 24/7 in my house Happy New Year Everyone!
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