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  1. I respect your decision.You have to learn from your mistakes.Anyway thank you for your time,ill definetley do my best to not ever repeat it in the future. All the best ,stay healthy :)!
  2. Exactly,but now im done with regrets and i wanna play HoN SOOOOO Bad
  3. Yeah,my bad .He was just cursing my mother (And shes allready having some health problems so it really got to me )
  4. Hello people,i had no idea that it was the case when i defend myself from a flamer that id be banned to(Id never would have done it in the 1st place if i knew i was the one geting suspended,wich is super wierd to me).Pardon me if i maybe sounded a bit to serious.Its just that im having some hard times atm,and my mother is very sick.So when they mention her i get really emotional,wich is no where near for a behaviour a grown up should have.But now im left here stucked and baned for something so stupid,wich i would have never done in the first place if i knew i was the one geting the punishment.
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