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  1. Okay on the off chance anyone ever reads this. I got the issue sorted. TLDR - I'm 98% sure my WAN IP is for some reason blocked on one (or more) but not all Heroes of Newerth servers. Hence I could download some content but not all. This was resolved by using my mobile phone to download and install the game. Next things I tried were grabbing an older version of the client and installing (larger client with game included 3.5.2 I think it was. This worked, and then had to update and that was (at ~22%) giving errors of unable to find files. I had also previously noticed when I was install
  2. Can confirm now complete uninstalled (again). Deleted all folders and files under Program Files, as well as all under My Documents. Restarted PC. Re-installed with installer run as Admin. Ran game (no dice) Ran game with Admin (no dice) Ran game with Admin and Vista Compatibility mode (no dice). I did manage to find an OLDDD installed for the game. 3.54 or something, installed that and it runs! But needs update and won't connect to the old S2 servers anymore (server not found) Also found a slightly older version of the auto installer.... but this seems to install version 3.
  3. Also took ownership and gave explicit full control to my user account on the HoN folder and the Hon My Docs folder.... no help.
  4. Also ran repair utility again (with admin) and grabbed the console output of that; ..... But I don't think I can upload it here as it's too long.
  5. [13:02:52] ************************************************************ [13:02:52] K2 Engine start up... [13:02:52] [2020/21/04] [13:02:52] [13:02:52] [13:02:52] [] [13:02:52] [wac i686] [13:02:52] [UNICODE] [SECURE CRT] [13:02:52] Build date: Apr 14 2020 11:58:14 Dev: [13:02:52] libxml2 version: 20702 [13:02:52] Executing "~/startup.cfg" [13:02:52] awe_webBrowserAllowAll is a development value [13:02:52] awe_webBrowserInspectorPort is a development value [13:02:52] Executing "~/login.cfg" Error: [13:02:52] CFileManager::GetFile() [~/login.cfg] - Invalid file type Warning: [13:02:52] C
  6. Also just tried a 4th install. Running the installer as Admin and installing to C:/Games/Hon... in case was some odd permission thing under Program Files.
  7. Hey all, I just built a brand new PC in the hope of improving Hon performance. However I can't get the game to run on the new system! AMD Ryzen 3600x MSI 5700 XT Samsung 32" 1440p @ 144hz Samsung M.2 970 Evo Plus 500gb Brand new fresh Win 10 x64 Pro install Have tried: - All drivers up to date inc GPU - Different monitor and at 1080p and 60hz - Repair of game doesn't work, does seem to give alot of 'permission denied' or 'unable to open archive on the console log'. - Full uninstall, removed all user data and re-installed (twice) - Variety of Windows Compatibilit
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