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  1. DemonSparda

    Nomad Buff

    How about giving him synergy between Q and E. Like while under Sandstorm effect charges will grow faster. Gain a charge for every 10/8/6/5 distance travelled. Since most of the time Sandstorm learned the last, it will shine at lvl 14 aka semiboost for mid to late game. It was 2.6x Crit damage. It's more of an utility skill rather than damage.
  2. it will be the same, but deals same damage as E. I don't see any problem in that. Or 4200 gold is not enough to have ability to do that?
  3. Well at least this time Horned strike is not pushing enemy hero out of Chains range. It was "best" synergy. xD This capture and drag ulti works well in dota because batrider has ability to damage target with Firefly. It deals 130 magical damage per second, even he doesn't moves. Ramp needs to run and deal around 400 physical damage or stay and hit enemy. You see the difference? Also: 1. bring back his 2.8 Str gain; 2. why his horned strike is still passive with 6 seconds cd even without bash effect? 7 sec cd was for bash. I mean since when 3 seconds slow is equal to 1.6 seconds o
  4. Current skill set of MB will be always boring. Legacy, shmegacy, hero has nothing but autoattack and blink, no matter how much you tweak his stats by number it will be boring, if you make number too big, it will become just OP, but OP is not always means fun.
  5. Well yeah, it's a rework. Changing one skill or stat gain is not a rework.
  6. Yes. Hero needs atleast 20 minutes of farm, which is no fun to play as 4 vs 5 and after that it's not garantee that he will carry, because he can just "wants to farm more". Make him some kind of inquisitor which will burn enemy witches for using spells nearby. Here is my rework. ? STR 25+2.5 AGI 16+ 1.5 INT 20+2.2 Q. Burn Heretic. Enchants a target, dealing 50/100/150/200 damage providing vision of them and Burn* effect for 4 seconds if they cast a spell or if the enchantment timer expires. Burn - dot 15/20/25/30 damage and 10/15/20/25% slow. Coold
  7. So current ML can be used on allies giving them SOTM effect. My suggestion is allow to use it on yourself giving SOTM effect and freeing the slot, i think 2k for recipe is pretty good price to allow to do this. Yes it's similiar to doto, but HoN still will have ability to share SOTM effect with teammates and if noone needed you can just free item slot sacraficing HP, MP and stats.
  8. Why replace and not just add as different item?
  9. Yeah, especially when i suggested to SomaZ Hammerstorm sotm idea back in 2015 and didn't even got minor totem when it was implemented.?
  10. Meeeeh. I was excited about every HoN patch, now patches in HoN are like: This hero was underpowered so we increase his armor by 1. Next patch: Change was to strong, armor was decreased by 2. Cmon what the hell is this? You have so many heroes without sotm effect and all you do is buffing/nerfing same sotm effects.
  11. What next? You will ask for autocast on heroes with those items/skills? You get punished for bad plays, that's just it. One thing i would suggest to change is Magmus ulti. It can't be canceled even if it has 2 seconds of cast time.
  12. DemonSparda

    New Heroes

    *Tobakaz entered the chat with ANGRY FACE*
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