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  1. Iirc status effects in HoN are separetad between buff(green border) and state(blue border), buff SE can be dispelled, while state SE are not. And it's really weird that some skills especially ultimates have buff type. Imagine Warbeast, Wildsoul ultimates were dispellebel? For example Calamity Funeral Pury is actually buff, so for example you got 20+ charges you build for at least 80 seconds and use Geometer's bane, you will lose all those charges. Which is really weird to me.
  2. It was changes so item could've been used on any creep if you need only gold, rather than looking for Vagabond leader.
  3. I just changed numbers from str to hp and damage which it already gives. I think you will be surprised, but current insanitarius already gives all this stats to Str heroes, Agi and Int heroes don't get only 25 Base damage...
  4. Playerbase is really low, so not gonna happen.
  5. I don't see reason why Insanitatrius is should be Str only item, because it doesn't has any Str items in build up. In my suggestion stats are pretty much the same, but with this change it could be used on a lot more heroes with Agi main stat or even Int. Current: Passive stats: +10 Damage +25 Attack Speed +5 Armor +5 Health Regeneration Active: +25 Strength +31 Damage +10 Attack Speed 45 Health removed per second Suggestion : Passive stats: +10 Damage +25 Attack Speed +5 Armor +5 Health Regeneration Active: +475 Health +25 Base Damage +30 Raw Damage +10 Attack Speed 40 Heal
  6. Sure then get harcons and spellsunders, maybe sotm, because on on most casters it gives supperior damage so magic immunity from SH goes streight to toilet. Boom, u r 6 slotted ezpz.
  7. Spellshards, Grimoire of Power, Armor of the Mad Mage be like:
  8. This is weird suggestion, why would you combine 2 farming items? If you want to combine Thunderclaw with something. I would for example do something like this: Thunderclaw(3000) + Tablet of Command(1800)+Recipe(700)= Rod of Lightning (5500) Upon activation hero turns into ball lightning and launches toward a target location at incredible speed, enemies touched by ball will be struck by lightning. Dealing 120 magic damage and 0.1 second ministun. Range: 800 Mana Cost: 150 Cooldown: 20 seconds 10 Intelligience, 10 damage, 3 armor and 45 Attack Speed. When 0 charges remain, de
  9. Maybe, but without numbers. So people wouldn't complain about numbers. xD
  10. Yes please. Simple attribute increase is old and boring. Variability is sounds good to me.
  11. I'm not against changes/reworks/buffs/nerfs if they're not made for sake of them. I just don't like when you change one hero and then revert it back to original state, for example Engi was reworked into carry. People start to whine "We want mines back", and you revert him back to support, but at same time you have "dead" Scrap with almost-mine skill, just make him in to new mine guy. And since patches now comming out not every week it feels like big waste of your time to spend it on reverting something instead of working on something new.
  12. Here the difference between % based AS reduction and Agi stolen by Calamity.
  13. If you know this, when why the heck you write %? 35-70 stolen agi is 35-70 Attack Speed, while 35-70% from good carry will be ~150-300+ AS. DO YOU FEEL THE DIFFERENCE? I wouldn't say that i love Shadowblade, it's just that hero has big potential for uniqueness, but also, i apparently aware that suggestion is just a suggestion and IF it will be implemented not with number i wrote down. So numbers there don't mean anything. I could just put "n" intstead of them. It will not change anything, because i'm not balance designer. I'm just sharing concepts that look cool to me. But most of time
  14. LC has base MS 330, 30 MS boost from talent and Huge MS boost from Q(3% from each creep/9% from each hero). It sure does when you getting 4 multicasts in your face. You contradict yourself. Please decide first, then write something. First you say it will wreck poor supports, now you say it wont. >35-70% attack speed Apperently you don't know how Agi or Attack speed works in this game. i'm not gonna answer to this kinda posts anymore. It's ridiculous.
  15. What the point build "STR" and use other forms if their damage depend on INT or AGI? Still waiting for those 5 heroes which you can made.
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